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999 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94103
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  4. Nightlife
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Dense Urban
Median Household Income
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  • Hipmunk
    • 888 Brannan St Suite 100
    • San Francisco, CA
  • Swiftype
    • 301 Rhode Island Street Suite B10
    • San Francisco, CA
  • Siftery
    • 855 Folsom St Suite 108
    • San Francisco, CA
  • Optimizely
    • 631 Howard St Suite 100
    • San Francisco, CA

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I love hosting for Air bnb. They always represent the hosts very well, they look out for hosts and they are super helpful in my acquiring extra income!
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Everything is perfect except myabe the details about reaching superhost status. If you cancel once you can't apply for supehost status for a whole year. This is a provlem if for example the light goes out on your street and you are no longer able to host.
AirBnB not only protects Hosts (myself) but the Travelers are well so everyone has a good experience.