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5301 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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Electronics, Health Care, Technology
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3 reviews
Agilent is a great company that compensates it's employees well. Then benefits are average in comparison to other similar companies on the industry but are good enough. With such a large company, management is hit or miss your success with the company will be based off of how well you can independently manage your job even if you don't know what your job is. You will be expected to perform highly with no direction if you do not have a good manager. Many managers are sales representative that have no technical background which is strange for an engineering company. This is a recipe for disaster as there are many more suitable choices within the company for managerial positions. Depending on the position, stressors may be high. Overall, it can be a very good, mutually beneficial venture, but do your research.
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I was an Executive Driver, I drove the Board of Directors, CEO, CFO and the following executive team. I worked with them from 2015 - present and I absolutely love my experience here at Agilent Technologies. They've taught me how to be a professional while also being very personable and caring towards my school and life outside of school. Being a business major, we share similar interests which lead to some of the most intellectual conversations I could ever imagine. I am extremely thankful to have the opportunity that I have, to interact with an executive team to a Fortune 500 company in the Silicon Valley, is something out of a movie.
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