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1775 Dempster St
Park Ridge, IL 60068
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Working in a hospital environment can be extremely stressful, but one of the great things about Lutheran General is the people you work with become like your family. Day in and day out we work together to care for the patient. We treat the patient; mind, body, and spirit. We pride ourselves on caring for the patient and their family and the unit I work on definitely does that. Our priority is safe, efficient, and total patient and family care.
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I volunteered for a while at Lutheran. I loved it! I currently work at Lutheran now, and I love my coworkers and the atmosphere. The workers are very educated and love what they do which encourages me to go further with my studies.
At Lutheran General Hospital, I have learned and grew exponentially in a professional setting. There are so many opportunities for moving up and forward with the number of managers and directors who will be by your side, helping and supporting your needs.