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5501 Headquarters Dr
Plano, TX 75024

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3 reviews
My experience working for Acceptance Now has been great. I love being able to build relationships with our customers. Whenever they need something they know we are always there to help them. Also, working close to host store associates has helped me build long lasting relationships. I would say the only downside about working here are the hours, but that is normal retail hours. I can’t complain because the pay is very good compared to other office jobs in my area.
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A lot of downtime. At least at my particular location. Which was neat at first, never having worked a job with actual downtime before. But it got old quickly and I got bored fast.

My coworkers were like family. I was lucky to have a good home store, but I traveled to two different locations and everyone was nice. I got along great with my manager and district manager.

And last, this job can be very stressful if you have social anxiety. It’s mainly sales but there is some collecting you need to do. Calling people asking for money is never fun, it’s even less fun when they come to your store and yell at you.
Hours are very long due to being inside a retail store. Pay is great as a sales manager. Benefits are great.