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As a fitness enthusiast myself, I enjoyed the environment that I worked in. The day to day was very manageable, with some times having copious amounts of free time. However, more recently, there is a need to organize business operations in a manner that proves COVID friendly. This resulted in multiple shut downs and layoffs within the corporation. The next step to be able to operate is to move everything outdoors, which our location is in the process of making happen. In general, we followed protocol and tried to create the safest and most friendly experience possible given the circumstances.
While I very much like my co-workers and the members at the location I serve, the company as a corporation leaves much to be desired. Rules and regulations about time off when I was a personal trainer with this company were not geared toward people with families. Thankfully, I rarely had emergencies such as sick children, but when my husband deployed, I was unable to change my schedule to accommodate being a single parent. So I left the position as a personal trainer. I stayed on and am still employed as a group fitness instructor since the position allows for more freedom outside work. The company is currently in bankruptcy proceedings, and has been managed poorly at the corporate level for the duration of my employment.
I have been with the company for 4-5 years and the company has taught me to grow in many aspects in my personal and professional life. The best experiance has to be the amazing relationships I've built with out memebrs and watch them put in the work to change their life for the better. They have inspired me to continue to grow and never settle no matter what the goal is.
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Overall, the experience is what you could expect. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary. The only grievance I would have would be the pay. Bare minimum seems to be their motto. Doesn't really encourage the idea to stay for very long.
Terrible and cutthroat sales culture. The positive side is that your co workers and gym members can be fun and exciting to be around.
I believe this company really cares about making sure their employees are well trained and give opportunities to move up in the company, but they fail to care about the mental well being of their employees. They begin to stretch workers thin in order to save profits and hit budget, at their young, part-time employee's expense. Overall working for a gym is a great gig and you get to meet so many cool people and learn from them. I would definitely recommend if you enjoy working out.
I love working in a gym environment! It is so much fun to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.
Good benefits, understanding, positive people helping others improve their health and lifestyle choices!
A friendly, positive and motivational working environment. The management understands is very supportive and willing to work around your availability. It is easy to request time off depending on the reasons, also the whole team is supportive of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
I will start with what I enjoyed about 24 then go into what I did not like. I liked the company's mission change to service over sales. This emphasis does well, in theory, to cater to the members' well being. I enjoyed my own club's team dynamic and how we were able to create a productive atmosphere from the ground up. I enjoyed the flexibility we had. And I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities and tools available to be coached and being geared toward growth. I did not, however, enjoy how head execs keep making company-wide decisions to cut things like towel-service and Kids' Club in efforts to "save money" when they had already "saved money" from cutting the entire sales team (AND THEIR COMMISSION) from all clubs the year prior. Nickel and diming members & team members alike for the growth of the company is pretty unfair in my eyes.
When you go consistently to the same club, you start to recognize familiar faces and become a part of the community. You start to acknowledge people around you and craft a nice conversation with others. Once you start being healthy and happy, you do what you love with other people.
I love my coworkers and my managers. Everyone treats each other like a good friend and it is easy to speak to and get support from managers when you need assistance. I do wish that people wouldn't call off as much and I was able to receive more hours but working in a positive environment is more important to me after my last job and I am happy that I found that at 24. Managers also push you to do more and advance which I really appreciate.
The management at the top are always changing thus frequent changes at the club level. All they care about at the top is sales, and that very evident. The focus is on the dollar sign, not the individual. The company wants the greatest input with a very small amount of output. Management turnover is extremely high. HUGE disconnect at club level.
I loved working here. The family environment is big for me. I stayed with 24hour fitness for 4 years just because of the philosophy of the company. It is not a sell sell sell environment which is great. I began my career as a trainer here and was given the best tools to succeed later in life. I still have long-lasting friendships from this company.
A really fun place to work with lots of flexibility and room for growth if you stay dedicated to the company
my experience has been great. it is such a great place to work and workout at. workers/members are all great!!
A pleasure working here. The staff is great and always willing to work hard everyday. Great Growth in company aswell.
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The sales representatives were knowledgable, helpful and engaging with both co-workers and guests. Additionally, the personal trainers helped make sure that the gym was running smoothly. These employees were the backbone of this location.
Management was disorganized and lazy. The front desk staff were treated terribly and came in and out like a revolving door. The management were catty and acted like they were in the movie "Mean Girls." I am sure other locations were not as bad as the one I worked at. I have met great employees from different clubs.
I love working for 24 hour fitness! They treat their employees with respect and that is not often seen in big gyms. They are in a league of their own. They even sponsor the olympics! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to work in a gym setting to seek employment there.
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