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School district sucks. They do not care about the students and a lot of fake people in the district offices in helping teachers relocate there. Some locals take advantage of new people. Police department sucks and are lazy. They do not care about outsiders living in the city.
Yuma is an exceptionally little and affectionate spot to communicate and be truly amiable. It is a little city wherein you can make new companions and appreciate numerous happy projects and gatherings downtown. You'd be glad to safe that you can make new loved ones and depend upon anybody for help. You'd be flabbergasted by the reality of individuals helping you and being extremely kind to you. Many Church and neighborhood social events are truly obliging and gracious. Yuma is very safe and crime in the city is very minimal.
I would like for people to stop the saying "well its Yuma, what do you expect?" I expect us to rise up to the standards of the rest of the country.
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I’ve lived in Yuma my whole life and it’s a wonderful town to grow up in. It’s interesting seeing the town grow as much as it has.
Overall as resident living in Yuma County I have always been a great fan of how things are done here. The community is small and everyone knows everyone. It's a town where you can have a family and have them grow up here. The officials who work for the Yuma County Office always have activites for people part of the community. An example of that would be the annual Light Parade. This is a parade where local businesses, school, and foundations make a float with bright lights and head down the main street of our town. This year I had the privilige to create the float for my high school, Kofa High School. These type of events bring the community toghether and create an enviornment where we come as a whole. When I was in a program called Yuma Youth Leadership, the city game me the oppurtunity to see the people who put in the great effort to un the city such as firefighters, doctors, lawyers, and agricultural life.
My experience here in Yuma has been fine. Ther isn't much to do as a teenager. I believe that Yuma needs a lot more entertainment for high school-aged kids. The weather here is also pretty terrible but I guess that isn't really something anyone can change. The good thing about Yuma is that it almost seems like everyone knows each other. You could be walking outside or at a store and you would most likely see someone you know or recognize. Most of the people here are also pretty nice. Overall, my experience living in Yuma has been pretty good.
Not much to enjoy, though the Z Fun Factory is a kick. Would like to see more attractions. Needs more things to do out of the home.
I am from Phoenix but I always look forward to traveling through Yuma on my way to Los Algodones or San Diego. The people are always friendly and the food is always great. The city has an awesome history and the area reminds me of growing up on the west side of Phoenix with the aircraft from the Marine Base flying over or the beautiful agriculture fields as far as the eye can see. But don't go to Yuma and expect paradise. The temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 months or more of the year (it's hot a good bit of the time )and about 3" of rain each year. So moving there then complaining about the weather makes you look stupid.
Yuma is a pretty slow town. Coming from a big city like Las Vegas, Yuma doesn't seem to have much to do. It takes a lot of searching high and low but there are many gems along the way. I especially love the events at the art museum downtown! So many cultural and LGBT events. Anyone could grow to love Yuma.
I’ve lived here all my life and my family is from here therefore I’m a bit biased. I never want to live too far because Yuma is my home and holds everything I care about.
yuma has been a great place to live in, i love how honest and hard working people are and the jobs opportunities are great as well. my whole family lives here and we are close to each other
If you're looking for a place that doesn't freeze you in theWinter, this is the place to go. Relatively close to California as well.
This is a very homie city. A place where you can settle down and raise a family. It does get hot here, so watch out for that. But there is always something to do; either its a city festival; outdoor or indoor activities; or spending some time shopping at the mall. This is the place to make a home.
It's a small town, fairly quiet. Not much goes on here, which could be a pro if that's what you're looking for. Not a lot of entertainment options, or any kind of notable attractions.
I visited Yuma for a few weeks. I wasn't impressed but it overall a clean small city, lots of retail for the size, very affordable, well-operated.

It is a very no-frills community that does the basics well and is very affordable. I was there about 2 weeks and it the most forgetful place I visited. Very mediocre overall.

I like the heat but it has some of the hottest summers in America and is extremely dry overall. The weather is very good though a majority of the year.

The people didn't seem friendly, but certainly not rude at all.

Nothing really appealed to me as far as entertainment but overall Yuma has the basics. San Diego is about 3 hours away, so Southern California amenities are not far away.
Living in the small town of Yuma, Arizona has shown me the many qualities it has to offer. For starters, it is a small city, which means everyone practically knows each other. Aside from it being the sunniest place on earth, I wouldn't change anything from the small homey feeling Yuma gives.
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Yuma is an average place to live. The people are nice. The town is small enough to where you see someone that you are related to or friends that you might know. In the part that I live in, there is a lot of robberies, house fires, and the occasional shooting. I live in a housing area that is by two elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, a community college, and a branch college from NAU.
Yuma is a diverse community with an exciting night life. Although it is not the safest city, there are many places families can be completely safe. the academics are subpar, but the teachers genuinely care about the students well being. Its location make it easy to travel to different cities.
I guess Yuma is okay but it;'s always hot over here so i don't really recommend this place to be a vacation spot or anything because it doesn't really get cold or even rains over here so overall it's okay but i wouldn't recommend to stay unless you like being outside in the sun being hot.
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