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There isn't much in terms of recreation, really. It's got a very church-y feel to it, with no fewer than five churches along a half-mile stretch of route 66 and around one church every block. There is a good number of stores and shops, and main street is an absolute treat. The Czech fest and Christmas lights are wonderful seasonal events.
In the schools, high school especially, you get a sense that nobody actually cares. The administrators are flippant and rude when you need help, and the students are absolute brats and seem to worsen with every year. There are a lot of wonderful teachers, but not enough of them to go around, thus you wind up with overcrowded classes, overstressed teachers, and underqualified replacements as the good ones all flock to Texas.
TL;DR: Pretty boring, people are people, the bowling alley got turned into a church, there's a lot of chicken places, and some stuff is Pretty Okay.
I moved from Ohio to El Reno and El Reno to Yukon and Yukon has been my happy place for years. There are things to do, the neighborhoods are fantastic, and the schools are good as well.
Relatively nice place to live. Diversity rate is very poor. The new high school is very nice and the over all community of Yukon is very friendly. Though it is relatively conservative compared to the nearby towns like Oklahoma City, it is still a very nice town.
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Yukon has a small town feel but the services and stores of a larger city. The schools are great and the residents are friendly.
Yukon is a growing city with plenty for singles and families of all sizes. With its relative close proximity to Oklahoma City, everything is within easy driving distance. Local parks and community events bring this town together, maintaining elements of small-town charm while reaping the benefits of a large tax-payer base.
I've lived here since I was 7 years old, and I have to say its been absolutely fine. The roads are nice and so are the people. We have a theater and lots of shopping centers, so you won't get bored. Plus it has some nice and cozy suberbain neihboorhoods filled with freindly people.
I love the community of Yukon and all the sweet people. Everyone is looking out for you and wants you to enjoy your time in the city. I am so glad to have moved here and been a part of the Yukon community.
I have lived in Yukon my whole life. In just the short span of my life i have seen my hometown expand. Many new housing areas, restaurant, hotels, shopping centers, etc. I really love it here the people are for the most part super nice and always happy to help. The school system has been changing up a little bit since building new schools, but they handled everything very well. This year our high school football team has been doing better than past years. Our rugby team that i once was apart of is awesome, second in state for the last four years. I see greatness for the future of Yukon and hope to raise my kids in this great city.
I love my town, it is filled with unique and supportive people, a variety of restaurants, and locally owned businesses.
Very welcoming little town located just far away from Oklahoma City that you don't have all the stress from the hustle and bustle.
Great place to live, great people. Blooming city with restaurants popping up and nice places to go. Have lived here for 10 years.
It is a safe and quite place to live. The housing is very beautiful and the atmosphere is one that is great for families. Even late at night it feels so safe and is always such a calm town.
Yukon is a safe suburban town. It has a lot of different restaurants, shopping, and parks. It has sprouted up throughout the years of living here. The people are extremely nice with all-around nice schools.
Yukon has a small town feel next to the big city so you have friendly neighbors an access to everything in the city.
I moved to Yukon, OK in 2002. When I moved here it was small. Almost 20 years later it has really grown with large neighborhoods,a new high school hosting 9-12 grades, major super markets and stores like Target, Sprouts, Academy Sports, Walmart and a brand new Neighborhood Walmart and more in our new strip malls and shopping areas. It will not be difficult to find a quick bite to eat on Garth Brooks Blvd having everything from fried chicken, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese cuisine all in one area! Yukon is great in location neighboring cities and towns like Bethany, Mustang, and El Reno.
I like that yukon is a peaceful area, and not too much goes on around town. The people are typically friendly and try to look out for you. The only problem to me honestly is the public school system and the diversity, however, its a growing city so i figure that it will change later in the days.
Yukon is a calm, quiet, and friendly place to be living. Yukon provides many lifestyle options from living in town or in the country.
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Yukon is a growing community. You get a small time feel with wonderful local shops, but also have easy access to big city life. The town is not very diverse.
I like the people and the community. I have access to education, shopping, entertainment, food service and church. I would like to see an improvement in the crime rate and the diversity of people living in this community.
Yukon is a great city! It is full of the most amazing people! It is a great community that cares for each other.
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