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Great place to live and work. Friendly small-town feel with good people. A great community for raising a family. Beautiful mountain views!
Yucaipa is a good city to live in if you want to raise a family, but not so much for a single person. There's not too much to do in this specific city, but mountains and beach are still close by. Yucaipa is very Republican for being in a Democratic state and isn't that much racially diverse so I wouldn't completely recommend living here if you want to be in a more liberal/open-minded city.
Yucaipa has the small town feel of being in the mountains but is located close enough to bigger cities.
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Yucaipa is a very centrally located town. I can drive any direction and in 2 hours or less be anywhere- the mountains in Big Bear, the beach, apple orchards in Oak Glen, shopping in Redlands, etc. I have lived here almost my whole life and love it. The high school has many pathways which I found to be pretty unique, I personally took the engineering course. There are a few things to do after dark, and there seem to be quite a few events going on no matter the time of year, so I'm never bored. Even Crafton Hills is pretty close, so getting to college classes is no big deal.
Mostly conservatives, rednecks, and old people. Good baseball. Nice and quiet mostly. There aren't as many large stores as in surrounding towns so that helps to keep the crime rate and gang activity down. The houses are cheaper than in some other towns nearby as well which makes it good for young couples and families.
Yucaipa is a very small town in the San Bernardino County. It is very family friendly and safe town to live in. If you enjoy living in a small and quiet suburban area, then Yucaipa is the perfect town to live in. Although things such as the movies, the mall, shopping centers such as Target or Walmart, etc., you would have to drive by to the nearest town (Redlands, CA) to get to those certain places. Yucaipa has a nice small community college called 'Crafton Hills College' along with the highschool nearby 'Yucaipa High School', and along that comes a few elementary schools as well.
It has a small town feel to it and you see a lot of the same faces. The events can be fun and old town is being revamped with a preforming arts center.
Yucaipa is a great, safe place to raise a family, however there is little to nothing to do for fun. There is one high school in yucaipa, and it is a joint school shared with Calimesa.
Yucaipa is a wonderful city to live in. Almost everything you need is close by. We have the mountains to go skiing, we have trails to hike on, and we have parks for your family to enjoy. People here are so friendly that even if you do not know them, they will say hi.
I have lived in Yucaipa for 16 years. I love Yucaipa. I plan on living in Yucaipa for at least the next 10 years, after I may move further up north for different job opportunities
We've enjoyed living here. Community pride. Budgets seem to always be in line. Nice to see street improvements from freeway to 13th. Hope it continues. Hear Kaiser Medical might locate a med center in town? Uptown Performance Art center should attract well known and local artist to perform and enjoy. Some mobile home park areas need improvement. Senior house should expand and be made affordable. Need better cuisine offerings in town.
Yucaipa is one of the smaller towns in southern Cailforina that in not in the middle of nowhere. It manages to have a somewhat small-town feel while being located within reasonable proximity to San Bernadino. My favorite thing about Yucaipa is how close to the mountains we are, if you love the outdoors but don't wanna live in the tiny city of Big Bear Yucaipa is perfect. Most peoples problem with Yucaipa is the lack of things to do when the sun goes down. Lately we have gained a few new restaurant and even a brewery,
The schools are great and the scores for their tests are at state high. There is a lot to do like festivals and market night . The town shuts down at 8p.m. and it is very quiet. Transportation could be better for the bus doesn't run a whole lot of places.
Very affordable community but comes with problems. After 7 years, the most striking concern for me is the stark racism. It isn't noticeable at first, but it's unsettling (and I'm white) There are many heroine and meth users in town and a very active (albeit silent) white supremacist following. The other issue with Yucaipa is its lack of support for small business. The two main roads out of town have grown wider and had speeds raised. People speed by, and businesses never last. The city often approves larger chains near the mom-and-pops. A town of 50,000 residents needs jobs - not shopping choices. Most have to commute far, such as Riverside, Ontario, or LA for good jobs. It's SoCal in general but also the lack of local business here. Freeway-bound traffic is heavy in the mornings and inbound in the evenings. Yucaipa has strangely low housing costs for California, but this is because the city includes roughly 45 mobile home parks in those stats - some with 50 homes, some with 150.
what I like about yucaipa is that it is a small town. Everyone knows everyone in the city which is good but can suck sometimes. Yucaipa only has one high school so you really get that one town one team family vibe. one thing i would chan is that there is not a lot to do in yucaipa.
Yucaipa is a very calm and relaxed city. It has pretty good weather and its very close to Big Bear. It's slowly growing and bringing in new things to do. Yucaipa is full of beautiful nature and has a great view of the mountians.
The place is crawling with druggies, the houses are way to expensive and the police are real liers. Price of food and other things is just a joke. The school district has no bus service for any kid's. There's a lot of crime here. Don't let the statistics fool you.
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The loca community and its involvement in group activities are great! Everyone knows each other in yucaipa, but i would really like to see yucaipa be open to collaborating with outside cities too! Like calimesa and redlands
Yucaipa is a small town with friendly people. It is next to the mountains and contains great views. Even though there is only one high school per the town it is a really friendly neighborhood and this seems like a close community.
That they put in some sidewalks to help the handicapped get to the bus stops. There is no sidewalks where the bus stops are nd it is hard for handicapped and the elderly to get access to where the bus stop benches are.
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