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Ypsilanti is a diverse community. With having EMU we have all kinds of people and you are not to far from something exciting to do. There are parks, rivers and lakes visit, breweries and low key bar scenes. It's also not to far from down town ann arbor.
Everyone is artsy and friendly. The farmer's market is great, and Depot Town is so cute! And if you like unique ice cream flavors, no place is better than Go! Ice Cream Parlor.
The only downside is the level of crime.
Its a very small town where many people know each other, especially if you grew up here. Long family lineage. It's not the most uptown city but near the campus and depo town you can find a few city delights.
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I have lived in Ypsilanti all my life. I have moved from the area near Willow Run, over to the other side, Golfside. I have gone to school in Ypsilanti for my whole life. I always told myself that I would never be stuck in this city. Yet here I am. I don't hate Ypsilanti, but I am a little sick of it.
A small, quirky and quaint city/college-town. Many open-minded and community-oriented people live or visit here. It is a relatively safe place, with a lot of history and fun things to do!
A wonderful college town and close to Ann Arbor, which provides many forms of entertainment. Cost of living is reasonable to other college towns.
I love Depot town and all the festivals in the summer. There's always something to do! It's easy to get around and there's always parking.
The atmosphere in Ypsilanti is great. People think that it is a scary town full of crime but it's quite opposite! I enjoy the community. There is always something that can be done.
I've been attending Eastern Michigan University, the college in this city for 4 years now. Last year, I loved the community here so much, I took action and moved here while focusing on my undergraduate degree. The community in this town is like no other, I love it here. Ypsilanti is my home.
okay but would like to go back to Chattanooga Tennessee It was more claim and complex. Having a baby and this doesn't have a family up bringing vibe here
Ypsilanti is a town outside of Ann Arbor that houses many students. It is nice to live here if you go to the university but it also is not a place to go out at night.
Not the most up and coming neighborhood but there are a few gems hidden within. Reasonable living costs and the university lend itself to a unique living experience.
Ypsilanti has its areas of good and bad, fortunately I am placed in a good area along US-12 and have easy access to many routes that I utilize to beat the traffic. There is plenty to do and the nightlife is always going. We are right next to Ann Arbor and only a short distance from Detroit, the Job opportunities are amazing in the technology field.
I've lived here in Ypsilanti my whole life and I love this city. It's not too big or too small. The nightlife isn't all that great but there are still so many things to do here in Ypsilanti. I wouldn't change this city at all.
A great place to live for a college student. Varies in quality based on area of city, much more run down in some areas than others.
Ypsilanti would get an overall better rating when the schools improve. Otherwise Ypsilanti is a nice enough place to live.
Ypsilanti is a convenient location as it is so close to major cities (Ann Arbor, Detroit). Good place to love for students and young adults as there are many apartment complexes in the area. Also some good areas for family homes. There are some bad areas within the city however. Diversity has been climbing and many business are now coming to the area.
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I like Ypsilanti because of the diversity and atmosphere of the community. I love the people and schools.
The town is beautiful but there are some part of Ypsilanti that can be dangerous. Ypsilanti has some nice people. Eastern Michigan University makes the town a lot more active. Depot town and down town are both fun places to visit. The willow run area is a little more dangerous but is still part of Ypsilanti. Being down the street from Ann Arbor, it quite nice.
I never had a really bad experience. There are certain parts in Ypsilanti that should be avoided if can but besides that it's a pretty nice area. It's pretty a small city compared to the neighboring cities. But Ypsilanti is mainly know for the huge water tower and both downtown Michigan Ave and Depot Town. In depot town there are usually different events that goes on so it's things that can be done. If it's not enough to do here there are places not too far in Ann Arbor to go to.
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