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It is a nice and safe place to live. It has perfect weather and it's beautiful. It is on the pricey side though.
I believe that Yorba Linda is a great area for families. However, I do wish there were more options for recreation and social activities to keep residents occupied as I tend to find myself going out to other cities to spend time with friends
I have enjoyed living in Yorba Linda this past year. I feel safe when I take walks by myself and neighbors are always friendly. Response time from PD is also very fast compared to other cities.
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Moved to Yorba Linda from urban area in Los Angeles county, beautiful place, really nice, friendly people, great schools, many parks. Not so affordable but it is worth the cost. Overall very nice place to live. Unfortunately had to move out a few miles south but looking to buy a house next year.
I would like more gated communities as some people roaming streets at night breaking into cars that have been left open with gates they would not roam the streets
Yorba Linda is a city that provides great safety, and has lots of friendly faces. I think a change that could be beneficial is making the area more diverse, with people from differing backgrounds. The schools in the city are great, and there are lots of ways to get involved and help the community.
Yorba Linda is a very quiet community where people are very kind and welcoming. The schools are great in the area and care about the well-being of students.
I like that our neighborhood is very friendly, and that we all talk to each other. It is a very nice relaxed quite neighborhood which is very nice! Some things that I would like to see change maybe a little more diversity throughout the neighborhood.
The Town of Yorba Linda really does hold up to its name of 'Land of Gracious Living'.
Everyone is truly friendly and happy to help their neighbor and their communities with fundraisers, fun events and their sustainability of the environment.
It is very well kept and the gardens around the horse trails are lovely to see during a jog or drive.
Yorba Linda is a great, quiet, and peaceful area. There are many shops and restaurants nearby and access to healthcare is great. What I would like to see more of, however, would be diversity.
Yorba Linda is an amazing city located in Southern California. The people in the city always walk around with a smile on their faces and you always feel at home. The city is extremely safe and quiet but there is lots to do around. With the beaches and mountains only 30 minutes away it is the best place to live!
I love Yorba Linda! It has a great community of people that are kind to each other. There are many housing opportunities and places to hang out. There is easy access to the freeway for work. There is a multitude of parks and trails to get some fresh air. Many restaurants cater to healthy and restrictive diets. Yorba Linda is welcoming and always tries to add and better the city.
I rate my experience of Yorba Linda 4 stars due to the safe environment the city provides, a family friendly neighborhood and excellent schools. However, Yorba Linda lacks diversity, affordability, and the businesses and restaurants are only clustered in areas surrounding where Yorba Linda High School is located and in my opinion, in the other parts of the city there is not much business compared to the areas surrounding Yorba Linda High School.
It’s good to have a home in, but that’s about it. Compared to the rest of California it’s pretty conservative stylistically as well as politically. There isn’t much if anything to do for fun aside from the presidential library. Luckily it’s next door to Anaheim/Anaheim Hills and there’s a lot to do there. Depending on where you’re located, freeway traffic may prove to be the biggest downside.
A nice quiet place to live. However, not much to do as a young person. Love the bird activity, but the people can be a bit entitled living here. People tend to be rude if they feel you don't belong there or have different beliefs.
I have been born and raised in Yorba Linda and I love it. I have been away at college lived and visited in other placed around the country and have always had the desire to come back here. I recently moved back to Yorba Linda after being away for two years. But now, having kids of my own I want to stay in Yorba Linda. It is great for all ages, great for young families, lots of parks, great schools, great shopping in Yorba Linda or one city over, good entertainment, and always close to the mountains or the beaches. I love YL
Yorba Linda does in some instances feel like a small town. Schools are very good and safe. Buildings are well kept and new ones are constantly being put up. Most residents are friendly and helpful to other residents or visitors.
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Yorba Linda is a super nice suburban area. It's much more diverse than it used to be, and it is being constantly updated with new locations. It is in a convenient location between the beach, the mountains, the desert, and LA. I love how quiet and nice it is!
I am most fond of the safety and relaxed feel of the city. I can feel safe and live healthy. I feel confident with the education and the atmosphere is always nice.
Small community in population and proximity. Great places to eat, lots of dog parks, and nice places to enjoy a drink. There are different areas offering small houses, large houses, small houses with big yards, or small houses with small yards. Similarly, you can find a large house with a small yard, or a large house and a huge yard. There is something for everyone!
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