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Xenia Township has been developing over the last several years with new businesses moving in. Street maintenance is still terrible. There are so many potholes throughout the area that it's difficult to drive without hitting several in a small stretch of road. The scenery is quite charming. Store, and business owners are all very kind. There have been many community activities added throughout the last several years as well and that has helped bring more people in to the area.
Quite area! Nice and affordable places. I myself like this area simply because the people and how quite it is. Even though it’s not to much around I think it’s something to just be peaceful and to yourself
Xenia is a great small town to live in. There is a little bit of everything-a hospital, a library, a hospital, and plenty of grocery stores. The bike path is also a central part of town which is great of outdoor life.
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The community comes together the first Friday of every month from May through September and holds special events for the kids, vendors, car show and etc. It is always a great time
Crime is something every city deals with. But I don't think my city's crime levels are bad
I'm sure there are better & worse places. If I had to do over I would have moved some where with more employment opportunities.
Moving to Xenia from Beavercreek would be seen as a downgrade to most people. But there are nice areas of Xenia and combined with the low taxes, it can be a great place to live. It is still close to Beavercreek and Fairborn where there are lots of activities. It's biggest pro is all of the bike paths and community of bikers. If only the residents would approve some levys to make the schools get better.
Its not a bad place to live but they could have more things for the kids and teens to do.
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