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For rural North Dakota the essential for the Winter would be a heavy coat, warm boots, gloves, a hat, and a scarf. In the summer the essential wardrobe would have to be shorts, t-shirt's, and flip flops.
In the Wyndmere community center, they just opened a gym 2 years ago, that allows people to come in at any time, day or night, if they have a pass key.
Wyndmere is known for having one of the top scoring schools in the state for standardized test scores.
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The people in Wyndmere are very friendly, and if you stopped to ask for direction they would be able to either give you them or they know someone who could
Most of the street in Wyndmere have uncontrolled intersections, which can be a major hazard for pedestrians/bicyclists, not to mention other drivers. There is a great deal of available parking, the walkability of the street are somewhat hit and miss. Most of the streets in Wyndmere are very hilly, with many dips.
In the area there is 1 bar, The Well, and 1 bar and grill, The Black Pelican. The Black Pelican has good food depending on who is cooking for the night.
The quality of housing is okay. Most of the houses in town are older style homes.
the safety in the area is good, however, I believe that some of the streetlights need to be replaced for the safety of everyone within the city limits.
The variety of the stores in Wyndmere are mom-and-pop shops, that can handle having some losses, versus the big companies that would sell out in the event of having a loss.
In Wyndmere we have an Aluminum can recycle bin underneath the water tower, but not very many people use it.
The closest National Park would be the Sheyenne National Grasslands about half an hour North West of Wyndmere. The grassland is well preserved and is very beautiful in the early morning hours.
In the city limits of Wyndmere, we have both an Ambulance/First Responder Squad, and a Volunteer Fire department.
The top employer would be the Bobcat Plant in Gwinner ND, which is about 20 minutes away from Wyndmere.
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