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Wylie is a very localized area, the people are sweet most of the times but I wish we could have some more community events to bring out the diversity in our small little town.
Wylie is a great suburb and I love the family oriented ethics of the neighborhood. The schools are good, houses are nice, and the community is great! the only downside is that sometimes the Wylie council can be strict depending on issues.
As deemed one of the fasted growing cities in America, Wylie is home to amazing families, students, and of couse chicken places! My favorite thing about Wylie is its hometown feeling in the midst of massive growth and expansion. We have an amazing mayor passionately involved in the citizens' interests. I would love to see more preservation of our rich farm town feel while continuing to develop into an even more beautiful beautiful community!
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I have lived in Wylie for 18 years and I would say this is a wonderful city to live. I have grown up here coming from Dallas and this city has been flourishing and becoming bigger. It started as a little city where you see a few small areas, grass and cornfields now many stores, schools and community colleges are being built in the city of Wylie. Its also a very safe city with a very low crime rate, many resources for families and children for the schools and activities.
Wylie,TX is a very beautiful city right outside of Dallas. it's a very quiet and calm city, also has a great and very adorable recreation center which keeps kids active and out of trouble and the city healthy
Wylie is a great place to raise kids. The school systems are great and it is a safe city. The only thing I would change is options for places for older kids to hang out.
I have some issues with the school systems growing up and how I was treated when it came to harassment in classes a few times. But the neighborhoods are beautiful and well kept, but the roads could be kept up better if money permits.
Area is very nice and nature friendly. Great location to raise children in. Really nice school district and safety is sublime
It is a great suburb to live in. You can enjoy everything that you want to in that town. You don't have to worry about anything whatsoever without having to worry about anything. Wylie is a city once solely located in Collin County, but now extends into neighboring Dallas and Rockwall Counties in the U.S. state of Texas. It is located on State Route 78 about 20 miles northeast of central Dallas and centrally located between nearby Lavon Lake and Lake Ray Hubbard.
Wylie has great schools with a lot of opportunities for students to better their character and advancement in education. Wylie's 'main road' is FM 544 which cuts through the town, and unfortunately is roadway used by truckers looking to get the Intermodal station. This can cause some traffic. The city is somewhat tight-knit, however there is plenty of variety and diversity as well.
Wylie is a cute little town. You can find anything in Wylie. Movie theater,food,nails,and clothing! super nice neighborhoods and nice schools.
Wylie is an open area slowly advancing in construction. Entertainment and necessary location options are available for all ages inclusing a rec room, library, art studios, etc.
Very friendly, smaller suburban city that is growing rapidly. Growing up in Wylie, I felt very safe. WISD is a great school district with caring teachers. Wylie is definitely a family city with lots of retail currently being built.
The town is very safe in my opinion and I found my community to be very diverse and friendly. I went to Wylie High School and made great friends there and got to know a lot of good people.
Certain parts are really well off and provide a good amount of shopping and food businesses. Infrastructure is pretty nice as well. Good schools in the area.
People in town are very nice. There are many good schools available for all ages. They have plenty of restaurants and stores available. They also hold parades or festivities for almost all holidays just to bring the community closer.
If you like the city Wylie is fine. We are country folk who moved here when it was still country. The city has taken over and we are looking forward to moving back to the country in the next couple of years.
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I love living in Wylie. It's very friendly and you tend to interact with a lot of people each day. Random strangers will wave and ask about your day. The only issue I have with Wylie is that there is no public transportation and there are some places that don't have sidewalks.
safe family environment. Great schools in districts. great food places to choose and eat from. amazing overall place to raise a family.
Wylie is an amazing place to live. The community is very nice and caring for one another and it is a very good place to start a family or new life there. The city is up and coming and there are increasing opportunities all the time now. The city is expanding and becoming a very highlighted place to live and it is for very good reason.
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