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There is a lot of diversity in worcester which is great but i would also like to see less trash around.
It's a city like any other, easy to get to food, several malls, and an abundance of businesses. A lot of colleges and young people, so some trendy small places if you're into that sort of vibe. But also all the big box stores and grocery stores you could need. Plenty of bars and restaurants so never short on a place to go. Worcester is working on gentrifying which is inherently a bad thing, driving up rent prices and the like. There is a homeless population but they're generally harmless, and the drug epidemic hit Worcester as hard as the rest of the state. All and all it's good enough.
Some neighborhoods are nice and feel safe (such as the one I live in), and some are dangerous and scary.
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Worcester is a diverse city with an up and coming city life, as the city is constantly constructing new and exciting locations for its citizens to explore. The people are overall friendly and and its easy with the amount of people to find a group to be a part of. The down side comes with the erratic weather that in turn results in a fair amount of pothole throughout the city. This follows with construction work, which is abundant throughout Worcester. Even then with the construction and weather, is a great city with a mix of busy city life and a pleasant town atmosphere.
Could have better public transportation. Generally a good city, but there are a lot of very poor areas and a lot of very rich areas, so it gets very spread out.
It's where I grew up and noticed how diverse it is. So many cultures to experience and try. The isn't too much to do there. One must usually go to another city to get any entertainment value.
The roads in Worcester are really bad. Huge pot holes almost every other street you turn onto. Terrible roads needs to be fixed.
Worcester can be a very dangerous area, but also good. There are a lot of places to go and opportunities, but the education system is greatly lacking.
Great diversity oriented city,lots of healthcare jobs[and other jobs]in general.People from different works of life are in Worcester,great leadership in the State.
A lot of gangs. A lot of home less people. Nice high schools. Nice middle schools. Nice elementary schools. Nice preschools. roadways are okay. public transportation could possibly be better
Worcester is a small place, so it makes it easier to memorize the streets and routes. The people are also nice here.
Worcester is a magnificent city with many different colleges whom have different backgrounds. One thing that I would like to see change is the road conditions which have potholes that are essentially dangerous for the undercarriage of vehicles.
The schools and colleges are some of the best in the world. The public schools are very successfully at getting students ready for colleges.
I've lived in Worcester for most of my life. While it may not have the same luster as Boston or Providence, it has all the heart. Worcester is an incredibly diverse community, where people from various backgrounds can live together in a strong community. Don't get me wrong- it isn't perfect by any means. But living in Worcester builds character- it builds strength, confidence, and an ability to adapt that you wouldn't find anywhere else.
When it comes to Worcester, your experience really depends on where in the city you're living. As with any large city, there are some really good neighborhoods and some that are a lot worse off. Depending on where you are, the state of the roads can be pretty bad, and during the snowy months it can become treacherous. But overall, there's plenty of entertainment within the city, and new apartments going up all the time. There's plans for a brand new baseball field and team, too, so that's a plus!
I have lived in Worcester my whole life. It is the second largest city in New England and there is always something to do. I love the new businesses and the whole vibe of the community. The only thing I would change about Worcester is downtown safety, which is already becoming better.
They’ve had a lot of business growth in downtown Worcester that has pushed out part of the lower income community.
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I have lived in worcester for 14 years. The diversity here is amazing, and the opportunities are incredible. Schools here are great, and neighbors are very friendly. The community is very family oriented and friendships made here last a lifetime.
I went to school in WOrcester and it is a town on the rise and it is making rapid improvements to local areas and amenities
Most days are good and quiet, except college kids and their parties. Traffic can be horrendous after school hours.
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