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I miss Woodstock Virginia it's a nice peaceful Town I'm living in Columbia SC now but I'm planning on moving back to Woodstock Virginia I miss it I'm coming back to my 2nd home
Woodstock is a quiet, safe community. We enjoy the small town feel, but aren't too far from shopping and restaurants.
It's a nice little town. There's not much to do, but there are plenty of options to pick on where to eat! The scenery is beautiful though. The mountains are stunning, espacially when the sun sets.
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Woodstock is a beautiful town in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley. There is good community life and a good school, Central High School in the middle of the town. There is good pride in the school and there are many activities that both the school and community members participate in. One of my complaints about the town is the lack of activities other than outdoor activities. Yes, there are plentiful outdoor activities but there are not many activities when the weather is not compliant. I would say to make Woodstock better there need to be better indoor activity locations around the town.
It's a fantastic little town, that's rich in history. We don't have too much to do like laser tag, but we have a really nice brewery in town. We also have a really cool tavern.
Woodstock is a quaint little country town. Some of the people here are quite kind and genuinely good, but others can be quite rude and bigoted. It's a small town in Virginia surrounded by farmland, so there;s not a ton to see. Historic downtown is worth a quick walk, and there's a lovely park and public pool nearby.
Great for when you want your children to be school and community focused. Low drug and crime rate. Small town leads to knowing everyone and building a safe and friendly environment for families.
I love living in a small town like Woodstock. I have grown up in the valley and couldn't imagine having grown up anywhere else. I love the small town dynamic and being able to feel comfortable when I walk out of my home. I feel safe and trust in my community.
I enjoy living in Woodstock, Va because it is a quiet cute little town. I do not like that it is lacking in cultural diversity and I think that the town should have more public events to bring the residents together.
peaceful and beautiful is what I like in this town, you can satisfy your basic needs in Woodstock, however it stops at the basic needs, hopefully we can get more fun in Woodstock.
It is a quiet and nice small town. It has very few entertainments. Living here might be boring. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I like that it is a small and friendly. A great place to be. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of history to explore. I like the old town feel with the modern elements too. It's also easy to walk to anything.
Woodstock VA is a great place to raise a family. The small town atmosphere gives kids a taste of what it's like to live in the older days.
Woodstock is a neat little hometown community with quaint little shops and friendly people. The schools are nice and located in the center of town all together in one location. It also is a farming community. Many churches to choose from as well as several shopping venues available. From large box stores like Walmart to hometown owned and operated like "Sweet Blessings". If it is small town, country atmosphere you want then Woodstock is the place to be!
Woodstock is a great little town, where you can get involved with the community and the people. The schools are close and are getting better in providing a better education to the students. It is a nice place to live when you are more of a nature lover and want to avoid the city life.
Wal-Mart, food lion, rite aid, cvs
Hot summers, some snow storm in winter
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There are no bars or nightlife in the area
The job outlook in this area is poor
The beauty of the valley is breathtaking. Woodstock is historic and unique.
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