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Nice town. Lived here for 19 years. Great outdoor activities and parks. downtown area needs to be more of a destination.
My favorite thing about living in Woodland Park, NJ is that the town feels like a suburb nestled in the mountains, but it is so close to everything you need. A major highway is down the street. NYC is 30 min away. Public transportation is easy to access. Also, Woodland Park has amazing places to eat!
Woodland Park is a very nice suburb. There are many parks aroujd the area, it is usually very quiet but it’s nice instead of living somewhere where it is constantly loud and unpleasant. Living near Woodland Park my whole life has been really nice, my current job is in this town and I usually go shopping in this town as well.
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A nice well-rouded suburb that is becoming more city-like as it is so close to Paterson. Some of the locals do not like this but the community is rather tight-knit. The elementary and middle schools are average and have good math and reading programs but lack in the science department. The public high school is adequate and ever-changing.
Woodland Park is a great town to live in, I have lived in this area for most of my life and definitely would not think about moving to any other town. The school system is pretty good and I believe I had a good education. The town itself is safe and I have never felt endangered and always feel comfortable walking around the town. I also feel that this town is very clean. The neighborhoods in this town are often quiet and peaceful which is one of this town’s great qualities. Overall I would recommend someone’s decision to move into this town
It is a good safe town, but there are not many places to eat by walking - you most definitively need a car. And always be careful with the deer.
Quiet and tranquility good neighborhood very accessible to many freeways... Great parks very nice for family bondings. nice to see deers are free to roam at anytime of day. not too many apartments less crimes... the police force seems are approachable & respectable... Good retirement place for seniors!
It's a great place if you want to avoid heavily crowded areas and a very interactive community. Some fairs and mountains for beautiful sightseeing of New York City.
Woodland Park is a small town where everyone knows everyone else. It is very family oriented. The neighborhood is quiet and friendly. Everyone works together to try to give the best to residents that is possible.
White trash garbage little town where the piggies like to hide in corners and follow you up the blocks looking for any reason to ticket you. Downloaded waze and now I make sure I report where they are always so everyone can avoid these white trash pigs. The residents are creepy and wierd and you can see a lot of them peeking behind curtains. It's a creepy little town. That's my honest opinion of this garbage and I don't recommend anyone living in this hicksville.
Moved here about 18 months ago and I love it. Schools are ver good, people are friendly, great restaurants, good business, surrounded by highways. Country life near city life.
I've lived in Woodland Park most of my life, going back to when it was "West Paterson." This town has always been a close-knit community with a diverse population. Community events have increased dramatically within the past few years, allowing families and newcomers to connect with their neighbors. There are great restaurants in town, a new botanical garden, and great parks, including, Garret Mountain Reservation.
Woodland Park is a pleasant place to live, I've never really had a problem with anything or anyone since I've lived here. It's your typical suburb, very quiet neighborhood with certain busy hubs. The areas around the strip malls and the main street are moderately active, never really any traffic trouble. Never had a safety issue either, very safe neighborhood with an active police force. The best part about my neighborhood would be the endless amount of parks we provide, we host tons of park trails and fishing spots. If anything I'd say it's the communities defining feature. Schools are okay, but they're in the process of improving every year.
Pretty boring town, no sidewalks by where I live not a very welcoming town. It looks dead all the time. When there are events they look like they are missing something and it is always the same thing every year. There is absolutely nothing to do it this town. I like how they keep it clean. There are stigma-free signs everywhere but this town is really nowhere near stigma-free, there is a lot of bullying in the schools in this town.
Woodland Park is a great town to live in. Small suburb, with easy access to shops and food markets. This town is very family oriented with avail activities for children.
very spacious, quiet and convenient. The neigborhood is very safe, especially for children and the schools are very good. There also many clubs and activities outside of learning such as, cheer leading, football, field hockey and other great sports. The restaurants and shopping areas are great and very close.
As I leave Woodland Park, it is a traditional suburb in the sense that there appears to be little change. Most of the residents are aging Baby Boomers, and the town reflects it. Outside of the friends I made, nothing really contributed to a memorable experience during my childhood. There aren't really any places to go at night for teens, and as a teen community we never received any recognition that we were important members to the community. Though I did not have a bad experience, overally It was not a superb one either.
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Great nature! You look out the balcony, and you can think yourself in a beautiful forest. Every day, I see deer, beautiful blue and red birds, and adorable hedgehogs. Not a bad choice for schools, either. Probably the best part? Sunny and beautiful, and great for growing plants!

xox, Woodland Park!

One objection - library needs more books for the kids section. Has A LOT though for the adult and the reference section. Beautiful place, though, and AMAZING staff!
Moved here with my family in 2010. A friendly, tight-knit community thats minutes away from everything- shopping centers, restaurants, gyms, Willowbrook Mall, and much more. I love this town and even though I moved 20 minutes away from my hometown, its quite a different feel. I would like to see more representation of the diverse communities here in the school system, law enforcement, etc.
i always feel safe even when i am walking the streets at night
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