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I like the fact that everything is around here that you need. Grocery stores, shopping, EVERYTHING! Great schools, nice parks, I just love it out here!
Living in a small suburb you begin to feel like and outsider in your own town, and for me the more I grow I begin to have an urge to explore and meet new people, but since not everyone feel the same and some just want to settle down in a simple town, Woodhaven has those qualities to achieve this goal. You never feel like you're alone in this town, everyone treats everyone kindly because no one holds portrays harsh feelings to anyone here.
Woodhaven is a wonderful city that is clean and provides many community activities. The community comes together for holidays and other events throughout the year. It had wonderful schools and many places included within.
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Lots of food and entertainment options. Nice schools, lots of parks. Fun things to do anytime of the year! On West & Allen Rds. you will see all of the different shopping areas as well as a variety of restaurants
Very nice city, always has fun activities going on and has a very outgoing, supportive community. Works hard to keep things clean and new. The majority of people are all very nice. School district is AMAZING!!! Fantastic environment, academics, and sports.
I'd like to see Woodhaven downtown improve. It's rather too small for a downtown setting. It takes less than a minute to drive through it. Although the city is fast-growing and becoming more populated. I hope this brings more job
Great town to do stuff in. No matter what direction there's always something to drive to whether its an activity or to grab something to eat.
It's a pretty average suburban town with an above average high school. Plenty of parks and restaurants nearby
A fantastic little place. There is much to do here, from eating at Leo's to shopping at the many strip malls.
Woodhaven has lots of good restaurants and stores to shop at, the only issue is the roads are not the best.
There are many places to go with family and friends. It's also close to nearby places around Detroit area.
It's a great town. Many amenities. It has a beautiful park along Hall Road complete with baseball diamonds, football field, sledding hill, skate park , dog park, playscapes galore and a walking trail with workout equipment along the path.
Being a part of Wayne County is the best thing that can happen to a person. You live close enough to a "controversial" big city, where you can see danger and the real world, but you can also see local government actual fixing peoples lives. Detroit is bringing new jobs and culture back to the " dangerous" "dead" city. You can drive thirty minutes to go to the DIA, to see some semi-poor sports team, or go to the theatre district and catch a brilliant musical, then go back to Woodhaven and eat at a "Mom n Pops" diner.
The vast majority of residents in Woodhaven are extremely kind and welcoming. The neighborhood I lived in was particularly great, as everyone within the radius of a couple blocks took time to get to know each other and treated each other as extended family rather than just people living next door. Even during Islamic holidays, multiple families would bring treats and presents to our household. During holiday season, we would also attempt to give them as many treats and presents as we possibly could. Going to Woodhaven-Brownstown Public School since I was in kindergarten, there was never a time when I felt in danger or felt like the teachers and administrators were neglecting me. In fact, although I was an underwhelming and lazy student for much of my middle school and high school years, the faculty would always go out of their way to help me progress and motivated me to do better, because they always believed I was capable of doing more.
I loved living in Woodhaven. I lived on the south east end, within the Gibraltar School District (nicer and low crime rate, as compared to other areas of Woodhaven). The neighborhood I lived in was well kept and the people are friendly. There are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. There's a movie theater down the street. I made the mistake of moving away for a year and a half, and I can't wait to move back.
There's not much to do around here, so I'd like more to do, but I grew up here and don't want to leave.
I love living in Woodhaven. My only complaint would be the train that runs over Van Horn, Allen and Fort street. There are plenty of areas to go shopping, and lots of restaurants in the area as well. Everyone has been very friendly that I've encountered. I like that there are many options for me to go shopping at. There's a Target, Meijer and WalMart all within the same area. Other smaller stores make it convenient to find what you're looking for. Also the freeway is close by making the commute to other cities easy and convenient. All the surrounding cities are nice as well. I feel very safe in this city, never worry about going out at night. The schools look very nice. Every where I've gone it seems like they're always hiring with allows for more opportunities for people. There are a lot of healthy places to get food, Tropical Smoothie, and a farmers market down the street. Woodhaven is in general a great city.
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Woodhaven has been a great place to live and grow up in. The community is great and the district is perfect! Woodhaven is also in the middle of everything downriver and nothing takes more than 15 minutes to get too!
Woodhaven is a small suburb of Detroit with approximately 20,000 people. There is a very large and well known shopping district. Full-time Police force and mixed full-time and paid-on-call fire department. Woodhaven is a mayor ran municipality.
Woodhaven is a good place, the schools are ok, the amount of stores is great, the place is very safe. The only real problem is that it is a bit expensive so if you are lower middle class you may get priced out.
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