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I love the quaintness of Woodbridge. There is a lot of history here. I would try to keep as much of the charm as possible while maintaining the environmental scenery.
I have absolutely loved my town for years. They are always doing the most for children by holding so many exciting and fun events around town and creating new buildings for everyone to enjoy.
I grew up there in the 60's and 70's and it was great, other than Bunns Lane projects. Now it's not safe walking down Main Street, the high school is old and there is too much traffic. Woodbridge Center is not a safe place. Neighborhoods are aging faster than homes can be renovated or updated. The Reo Diner, San Remo Pizza and the train station are the only plusses.
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Woodbridge is a small, quiet, and friendly neighborhood. There is a variety of great public schools in the area to choose from. Food stores, Malls, Parks, Community Centers, & other activities are all short distances away. Not much happens in this town, so with that being said if you enjoy peace and quiet, then Woodbridge is the place for you.
Expensive homes and property taxes for no reason. Boring Main Street, way too many auto body shops and used car dealerships and not enough trees. They keep building housing and bringing people in which only adds to the congestion on Main st and Amboy Ave. I own a home here and have been living in Woodbridge since 2005.
Woodbridge is not the worst town to live in. I've always kind of felt pretty meh about it, but if you can afford it it's pretty good. The public schools in the area don't have the best academics, but also not the worst. The food variety is pretty average with really only chinese, spanish and indian food being the most diverse. Woodbridge also has an insane number of salons and I just don't know why. The downtown area is expanding a bit and has more selections of food and beverage places, think a trendy fro-yo or coffee shop. Another good addition is the library and the services they do provide. However, with all these add-ons the whole area does not really stand out as amazing. It's pretty expensive and as I said before, the overall feeling to me is meh.
It is a nice place that includes both quiet neighborhoods and shopping areas. People are very friendly and overall, the area is diverse enough for all people to feel comfortable.
Overall pretty safe area. I'm not going to lie and talk about all the 'wonderful' and 'amazing aspects', but I'm also.not going to tell some sad story to catch your attention and win you over with sympathy. If I'm being completly honest, woodbridge is a pretty boring town to say the least. As a high school freshman with strict parents, I don't go out to often, so maybe my opinion is a little biased, but besides a mall with a dave and busters, teenagers don't have many options on where to hang out with one another. Our diversity is probably the most interesting thing about us. Overall, I would descrobe Woodbridge as just, "meh."
I like the family feeling. Everyone in woodbridge kind of knows each other, which i love. One thing I would change is the amount of activities there are to do in the community. There isn't much to do in the community.
Too congested Area looks disheveled .It has become a "transient" are.I no longer feel it is a safe place to live in as it was ten, fifteen years ago.
Having grown up in Woodbridge, I very much so appreciate the accessibility of the area. Virtually every highway is nearby, plus there is access to the train and many buses.

A major change I would like to see is an improvement to the real estate, and the general quality of the schools. I went to private school because the public schools are not up to par.
I have lived in Woodbridge for 4 years now and the town is quiet and friendly. There are many places to eat out and hang with friends. The schools are very nice and if mostly everything is in walking distance.
Safe township compared to other townships in the United States. Very diverse. It has really good schools, and close to good universities. I would want to see a change in the bus system, because buses are not available when you really need them.
Woodbridge is a great place to live. I grew up here and have amazing memories. Overall it's really diverse and everyone gets along with one another. The location is great because it is very close to New York City. We have a lot of public transportation accessible nearby and commuting from one place to another isn't hard.
the housing is a normal mid size house nothing really fancy.
the community is great we all care and look out for each other.
Woodbridge township is exceptional in keeping the streets safe. The police are friendly and to a great job of making sure we are safe. You can see them all around town. They support local business and help with community events.
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The area is really good to have and start a family in. its a really quiet neighborhood with a lot of local owned stores. The schools are good and you can definitely meet some interesting people. we have events and fair all the time. our community maybe quiet but we are a whole. if you're a sports fanatic you can come watch the highschool games. The football games get really intense against our cross town rivals. we have plenty of resturants for you to enjoy from. the shopping malls are just minutes away.
Rarely hear about violent crimes, drug crimes, but few of them.
Couldn't be a nicer place, things to do all year long, friendly people, and a downtown area!
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