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Perhaps one of the best towns in Bergen County. All the homes are immaculately kept which is a direct result of the Administration and all it's Borough employee's. Although the houses may differ in year - they're all the same size to preserve the towns continuity. No where else do you ever see this. Therefore the zoning lawns must be very strict and certainly adhered to. No cronyism - nepotism's or malfeasance which is rampant throughout all of Bergen County. The residents are truly fabulous. Everyone is respectful and and genuinely says . . . Good Morning. The police appear to have upheld their outstanding reputation from neighboring police forces who say they're GREAT! No egomaniacs - no malfeasance! My only complaint is the noise factor. For a such an incredibly fabulous town they seriously need to crack down on the cars and motorcycles with the obnoxiously loud mufflers. It really lessens the towns quality.
Beautiful sage little town. Views of NYC. Easy commutes. Very good city administration. People care very much about their properties, keep them up tremendously. Schools are excellent. Taxes reasonable. Has a great town party on the main drag in the summer. Great way to connect with neighbors.
Small town feel and very safe. Not much to do but it is very family friendly, and everyone is very kind.
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Wood-Ridge NJ is a very small, tight knit community. The town is well kept, cars can't be parked in the streets over night, and the streets are always very clean. There are always improvements being done to the town to keep it updated. The school system is average, but there are many different school choices surrounding the community.
Adorable town! Great schools and parks. Cute shops. Very safe neighborhood. Great place to raise a family.
Wonderful little town. Really peaceful and clean. Police are friendly and helpful, streets and parks are clean. Lots of cute local shops and eateries.
I lived in Wood-Ridge with my husband for 4 years and would recommend it.

It is very close to the city! It is pretty much an ideal town if you commute into NYC for work. The commute is fairly quick and easy, however NJ transit has frequent delays and issues. I always felt very safe in this down, but it definitely had more of an urban feeling than I wanted.

I felt that the neighborhood shops were lacking. Though there are a lot of shops/restaurants, they are mainly all pizza or Chinese. The shopping leaves a lot to be desired. There is a CVS and Walgreens, but there are no boutiques or nicer restaurants, which to me was surprising and strange.

Compared to other towns that I have lived in, WR actually had the least shops in the downtown, which really factored into my decision to leave. I had to leave town to get almost anything I actually wanted (aside from basics at CVS), which was a hassle.
Awful experience in school system. Town focuses on sports more than education and social skills. It's difficult for students to get into higher ranked universities.
Small town, everyone knows everyone. Strong sense of community. School system was poor. Decent restaurants.
Wood-RIdge is a quite, mostly Italian town. There are various small stores and big supermarkets all within 5 miles from the town. It is considerably quite during teh day and nighttime. One square mile town where everyone basically knows each other.
I have recently moved into the area and so far, I love the people and the environment. It's a nicer change to the city life that I am used to.
Wood-Ridge is a charming small town in Bergen county close to major highways. The taxes are average and affordable for families.
It was overall a safe place top live in. There was no crime when I was there.
It was overall a nice area to live in. It was nice and quiet
I have grown up with the same kids I went to kindergarten with, thus leading to all residents knowing one another' business. Although it is a small area it also has it perks such as: everything in walking distance, running into your friends/acquaintances in stores, and generally feeling safe knowing your way around. Overall, it is an okay area to live in.
The houses in Wood-Ridge are not huge million dollar mansions but they are very roomy and have a lot of two story family style homes with great backyards and the most friendly neighbors you will meet.
Wood-Ridge is only about 5 miles away from Hackensack Hospital which is very convenient for people who may have emergencies and need assistance right away. There are always people running throughout town and kids playing in the parks and the basketball courts and baseball fields.
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I have never met so many friendly neighbors in my life. They are some of the most respectable, caring, loving people and it makes Wood-Ridge the best place to start a family and live here the rest of your life. Wood-Ridge is one big happy family.
The only weather problems Wood-Ridge has ever dealt with came in the past couple of years with Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Those were the worst I have ever seen here. Other than that, Wood-Ridge just gets hard a couple times with Snow Storms.
There are no nightclubs but a ton of great family restaurants in the area for people to enjoy.
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