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I have lived here in Wolcott CT for about 6 years. I relocated here after living in a larger town in Connecticut for about 20 years. Wolcott is a relatively small town with a population of @17000 people. Real estate prices are very reasonable. Taxes are “on par” or lower than most Connecticut towns.

I have found the school system to be excellent. Most of the necessary daily conveniences are within an easy drive such as supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, retail stores, gas stations, etc. I would consider Wolcott a suburban town with an almost rural feel. There are some really pretty areas and parks in town.

The demographics of the town are mostly white, middle class, fairly conservative families, law enforcement is responsive and extremely visible at all times of the day and night, without being over policed, so there is virtually no crime in Wolcott.

A great place to raise a family and to send your kids to a school system that has a high college entrance rate.
I love living in Wolcott. It has a small town feel but is close to cities, so it’s the best of both worlds. My neighbors are wonderful and my interactions within the community have all been positive. The police department regularly reaches out to the community with updates and information. Great schools too! Excellent response to recent tumultuous events, including COVID.
Wolcott is a great small community. The public schools are wonderful and it is a family friendly town.
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We moved to our house 2 months before our daughter was born and we felt accepted by Wolcott immediately. Our neighbors were very welcoming. There are beautiful parks for kids and dogs. I have been here nearly 2 years now and seen town events and involved community groups. Friends brag about how great their school systems are and the support of the community.
What I like most about Wolcott is how friendly people are that live here. Neighbors are willing to help each other out no matter what, where, or when. The town itself is very clean. What I like least is that the local grocery stores are expensive because they are IGA and not a name brand grocery store and the closest store is about 20-30 minutes away.
Small town with a lot of newer developments ...
would like to see more art and music programs aimed at capturing the young adults , hoping to curb the opiate crisis ...
I love living in Wolcott, it gives you that country feel but close to everything, lots of lakes near by and all neighbors are pretty friendly and look out for each other
I love Wolcott. Wolcott is a quiet town and a lovely place to grow up. The only downside to Wolcott is there is no immediate highway to get in and out of quickly.
lovely people and lake scene. nice quiet town and a great school system. people are friendly and the community is very positive.
wolcott is fine. It is a quaint little town, and although there is not much to do within the own town, there are three bustling towns beeming with food places on every side. The high school is great, and the weather is pretty decent, you get all seasons. People are nice. It is a solid town
Wolcott is a very nice small town. Living here means everyone knows you. There is not much to do here besides bowling and dunkin' donuts which is the only down side however
Have lived in Wolcott for a year now and LOVE it! Great schools, great people, great restaurants, great businesses. Looking forward to raising my children here.
People complain a lot, there are a lot of pizza places and sandwich shops (too bad they're all awful), and people do not know how to drive.
Close-knit community and very family friendly. Schools are great and it is a perfect spot for small businesses. Very safe and easy to get around.
Nice quiet area there are a ton of parks to attend a lot of good pizza restaurants. not much diversity in the town. they have a yearly fair that is fun to attend.
A very small town with a small town mentality. If you are not involved in the town you will be looked as an outcast. Perfect for people who want to be a "towny"
I absolutely love the town of Wolcott. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. There are many hidden gems in the town from a wonderful dog park, a 4.5 mile walking trail around the reservoir and a walking trail to waterfalls at Peterson park.
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I've lived in Wolcott my whole life. The people of this town are really friendly and are very outgoing. It's a very beautiful town but is not very diverse. A majority of the people here are middle class and white. However the town is accepting of others and has a great school system. The town as a whole is very clean. There are several very nice playgrounds around town and they have recently added a very nice walking path. The law enforcement here is very affective, and the town has very little crime. Wolcott all in all is a very great town and a marvelous place to live.
I love that Wolcott has the small town feel with pretty easy access to highways for traveling when needed. Living here is quiet and safe and the schools are very good
I like the quiet residential area that I live in. I would like for there to be more healthy restaurant choices nearby.
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