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I've lived here all my life. It is a small place to live. There are friendly people, good places to eat. Not much of a night life tho.
I like the small town easy to get around. We need more grocery stores and more apartments . Overall convenient but before a specific time a 24 he store would be nice.
My experience about living in Winton for so long has I would say it has been great. My experience has been great because for the past years that I've lived here nothing bad has happened to me and my family. Something I like about Winton would be that there are many people of different race. Seeing people from different race isn't the only thing I like about Winton; but in fact something else I like would be that everyone is friendly. If there was something I would like to see changed in Winton would be that it could use a cleaning and not see many homeless people in the streets.
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Winton is a very small little cow town in California. I grew up in and around this town and I have currently lived in the same house for almost six years. I feel there could be some improvement as far as actual sidewalks for the kids to walk safely to and from schools. There are a lot of fields and a ton of dust. The people here are generally friendly and the homeless population is not high. A ton of stray animals though, because for some reason people seem to think the country is the best place to dump their unwanted. Great taco trucks though! Traditional Mexican food and a couple small restaurants. a few gas stations and one Dollar General and a Marketplace. We even have a Subway! fancy!
Winton is kind of dangerous and not a very nice looking town. Overall I would recommend not living here however if you are broke then maybe it would be good.
It's an okay town. In all my time living here, and I've lived here since I was 2 years old and I'm currently 19, I personally have not dealt with crimes or anything bad happening close to me. I can't say for other parts of Winton, but it's getting better. The schools were good, not the best, but good. It's somewhat a lower income community, only a few streets having sidewalks.
I would choose to live somewhere else, if possible
Mainly minimum wage/ slightly over minimum wage paying jobs, like at grocery stores.
Dollar General is extremely convenient.
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