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I lived there once back in 1959 when I was just 4. I remember it with very fondly to this day. The place reminds of a small country town with lots of open spaces. Since then I've lived mostly in big cities which I hate! Los angeles,chicago,tokyo,Yokohama,San diego,Sacramento,and now miami which is the worst. Wish I could go back there like that old TWILIGHT ZONE episode WALKING DISTANCE. We used to live near a school in a green painted house. I was sad when we moved. Very special times for me!
Winters is a quaint, cute little town! The downtown offers great wines and foods complimented by beautiful countryside and spacious orchards. I'd sure like to have a movie theater though!
small town filled with nice people. the community is moderately diversified and has a modest balance between rustic and modern architecture.
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It's a small town with nice people. I live and go to school here. There are great restaurants. I have lived here for 16 years. Its quiet and friendly. But there are not a lot of things to do. There is some diversity there are mostly white people and Mexican people. Housing is kind of expensive. The schools are nice and mostly everyone gets along. The downtown part of town is nice. Overtime the town has gotten bigger and there are more houses being built and more people are coming to live here so it is getting bigger. Overall it's a great town to live and go to school in. The people are friendly and there are good restaurants.
Its small and quiet. The schools are normal. The food optoins is good. Not much for shopping. Have to go ouside of town usually. Everyone is ussally nice. Ober the years major remodels have been done. There is alot of construction underwatly overall good olace to live.
Everyone in town is very nice. Has a nice history and lots of events. Very low crime. Very nice place to raise a family
Winters is a cute little farm town perfect for raising a family. My family and i just moved here from Davis, California. This is a quiet town filled with personality and little restaurants.
Winters is a very different life than the city life. I have been living in Winters, CA for about 4 moths now. One thing that i do enjoy the most is nature. I love the air in the country.
I think winters is a perfect sized town and perfect for raising a family. The town is growing with the new pg &e plant and breweries . So that’s bringing a lot of light to the once so small town no one knew about .
It's a beautiful small town where everyone knows everyone. People still smile and say hello when they pass each other on the street. I feel safe letting my children go out and play with their friends, and feel safe walking down the street at night. My only complaint is that the gas stations are always busy, but we're getting a starbucks soon so that's a bonus.
Here in Winters, there aren't many "things" to do because it is a small and most shops sell groceries at a very expensive rare mostly because they are not many people. But Winters is an amazing place to live because the community is so well bonded. Most people know each other and community events such as the youth day parade, earthquake festival, or when the community came together to build a new park you can feel how together and connected the community is. Also the community is quite safe and everytime anything such as murder it is a pretty big thing and as far as I remember the only two murders I heard about, which anything like that is huge in Winters unlike other places, were private matters and not people on a rampage. Besides those two occasions, most death isn't by murder and is quite uncommon.
the quintessential small town, yet still having bustling businesses and the most quaint picturesque downtown area, a hidden gem compared to the rest of the big cities in the county
I love winters. The town is nice and small so it gives you a small town feel but with many amenities nearby in vacaville and davis we have great food like buckhorn and putah creek and preserve chuys is also great for mexican food the town has a nice feel everyone is nice and we have annual parades and events that are cool and fun for kids. The schools will be better in 4 years from 2017 because right now they are redoing them and we are expanding by building hotels and other things but we still have that small town atmosphere and are a great town
Winters is a friendly neighborhood that is constantly adding new developements because people are realizing how honey our town is.
Winters is a very safe place to be at. You can be out late at night and feel safe. There isn't really any big crimes in town. But, since the town does like it's expanding, who knows how the future might be here.
The town isn't as big as other places, which makes it easy to get to places without having to drive. A very save place to be live at. I would live in Winters again if I ever left. Winters is expanding with new business coming brings in more people and job opportunities
being in a small town, there is very little crime.
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the area is a great little town, the small town feeling is great but if wanting to do anything need to go to next town fifteen minutes away.
My little town of Winters is a great small town that as time passes our small town becomes even more united
There is just a lot of variety in this small town. You get the small town charm with good food.
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