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Such a nice area its so cute. There is also many young families. Lots of new establishments. There is famers markets. It truely has everything and its even close to disney and universal. We do get some traffic but the schools are very good and everything is close.
Very divided community. The haves and the have nots. I’m embarrassed at the amount of money we paid for an Ok house in Oakland Park.
If you have children and aren’t from Florida you will consider the education not acceptable. If you don’t drink, bike or run do consider Winter Garden.
I loved living in Winter Garden. Downtown is such a beautiful vibe, especially at night. The community is a great thing to be apart of, and the area has really bloomed over these last few years. There is so much to do within Winter Garden, but you can't forget about the proximity to Orlando and beaches. The drive to downtown Orlando is less than thirty minutes putting Disney World practically on your back door. However, being outside of the busy hustle and bustle of downtown Orlando gives the area a sort of small town feel. My time spent in Winter Garden was well spent and I encourage anyone else to check it out.
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A very quaint city that has a lot to do on Saturdays. There is a Farmers Market and usually a band downtown.
Perfect atmosphere and landscapes. great safe communities. Amazing weather and close to a lot of entertainment. BEAUTIFUL!
I've lived in winter garden my entire life it's a wonderful small town in the suburbs of central Florida and there are many great shops to visit down here
Winter Garden is an area where you have everything so close by to enjoy. What I mean about that is there are many varieties of groceries stores, shopping areas, restaurants, and hang out spot with family and friends. Winter Garden is still having development process in the area I'm in. Winter Garden has different living places starting from apartments and townhomes all the way to big family homes. Access to education is not far and is very good. I love going to the movies and there are at least two options of having a movie theater nearby and the movie theaters have great hang out spots. Near the movie theater there's restaurants and places to grab a bite to eat or entertainment like performances and arcades. I wouldn't change anything about how the Winter Garden area is growing, iits doing s fine I love living over in this area.
Winter Garden is a quaint, lush town that is welcoming and easily accessible to most major stores. The proximity to Disney World is especially beneficial, but also provides a non-tourist feel for residents.
I have lived in Winter Garden my whole life and couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else. I love the small town feel and the big town developments. I can't wait to see how much character my little town will have after all the new construction finishes up!
Many stores, great people, a lot of nice neighborhoods, and just a great place to live. There is also easy access to all the necessities with a highway.
It's gorgeous here! Everyone is so nice. Lots of diversity. Extremely family-friendly, however, the prices for a home are more the expensive side.
Winter garden has many amazing features, I live right by downtown winter garden where there are lots of restaurants and activities to do like farmers markets and weekly bands who perform. There are great places to hangout like bowling alleys, movie theaters and malls. Most of the people here are very nice!
The homey feel this small town brings is a charm on its own. The historic district is constantly visited and never loses its appeal, with the gorgeous fountain and bench swings placed in the center along with local musicians as entertainment. The shopping areas are also full of the best stores, my personal favorite being Planet Smoothie. I moved here about six years ago and haven't regretted it since. Definitely would recommend a visit as it's both safe and friendly.
This is a beautiful town that I loved growing up with. Everyone is extremely kind and it's one of the safest areas in Orlando, FL. Living in this city before moving to FSU for my bachelor's degree helped me gain many important work, volunteer, and extracurricular experiences that have benefited my future. It's a wonderful place to live, and a fabulous place to be a kid, and a fantastic place to raise your kids.
While areas in Central Florida can vary based on the different communities, the town of Winter Garden is very unique. It is a large area and has a wonderful downtown. It is home to an excellent farmer’s market every Saturday. There are plenty of restaurants, both chain and brick and mortar. There is plenty of shopping and things to do. It is centrally located. It is a quick ride to anywhere from downtown Orlando, to Universal Studios, to Walt Disney World. In the southern portion, there are very up and coming neighborhoods currently in development. The area is also safe and has plenty of highway access.
I love living in Winter Garden because it is very peaceful and quiet. The public schools are also great, which is one of the reasons I chose to live here.
Having this be your hometown, as a teenager it gets VERY BORING. Unless your parents luckily give you a vehicle at an early age while in highschool you will have to beg them to drive you atleast 30 minutes somewhere to meetup with friends and actually have fun doing something. Not the most acclimated for teenagers and young college students to thrive however the schools are great. Grow up in this town and GET OUT, it’s exactly how the youth feels.
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I have grown up in this city and I just overall love it here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Very family friendly town, many young families in the nice neighborhoods with young children. Many residents have golf carts that they drive around especially at night. A small old fashioned downtown area has gained popularity in the last five years increasing the flow of people through the small town and providing many with reasons to stay and grow their families. A very safe area close to Lake Apopka with many parks and areas fit for children. Many of the neighborhoods are within walking distance to the very popular downtown area and provide ample reason for residents to move to the town of Winter Garden
It’s family friendly , new family friendly restaurants and new homes to keep up with the need for space .
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