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It is a good town but there is a lot of racists, and just straight out rude people. As a commute in general though it is pretty nice. People who want to live in a small, southern, quiet town, Winnsboro is the right place. We do not have many choices for restaurants or grocery stores. Most of the time if you need something you need to drive all the way to Columbia or even Rock Hill. There is also not a lot of choices for schools to go to as well unless you want to commute to it. The only choice is either public school or private school. In my opinion, they both have their flaws. We do have a really good farmers' market though. As well as annual events that everyone loves to go and have a fun time. The best by far has to be Rock-Around-the-Clock. There is lots of food, dancing, inflatables, stalls to buy goods, and even a car show. Some of the cars date back all the way to the 1950 and are a robin blue egg color. Winnsboro has its ups and downs, but the residents still love it.
winnsboro is a safe town that have multiple of family events the crime is low and the school sytems are great . the town is full of competitive athletes
The town is pretty decent. Well there isn't much going on here...Wal-Mart is gone and I'm pretty sure that Bi-Lo will leave too.
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fairfield county sucks. In order to get to get to walmart you drive 30 minutes, school 30 minutes, who would want to put 110 miles a week on their car to take their partner to his job (15 minutes away and 30 minutes closes to the school) This place has nothing but a few dollar generals, 2 grocery stores (all the county) . this place sucks. get a crap car. no night life, ok with me, rent is high, pay low, haven't raised min wage or reg wages.
I have lived in winnsboro all of my life. It is very small and has many faults, but i have made great memories here, and i will forever cherish them.
There's not much to do but there's good people here. Very nice, it's an alright place to live. It is a slightly small town but there's plenty of things here aside from entertainment.
Winnsboro is a town for people who have either retired or for people who don't want to go anywhere in their life. If you were to be in a coma for ten years, you wouldn't miss a thing. It's small and boring. If you're a teenager, there is absolutely nothing exciting here except the football team.
I've been living in a small town called Winnsboro, SC all my life. Born in Columbia, SC but raised here. My experience here as been pretty calm. It's not very much to do here. Most of my family live near by the area. Growing up when didn't have many activities to do besides play sports at school. The city is basically just one big circle I feel it's the city of "no opportunity". You can't grow in this small place because there is nothing here nor is it growing. Things would be ok if they brought in some decent shopping stores and have more activities for the kids to do. It's important to keep kids busy because it keeps their mind off other things to do. I hope to see this city grow one day. I've been living here for 25 years have't seen much growth yet.
It is a less desirable town. It lacks the entertainment and jobs which force most people to have to seek those outlets elsewhere. The property value of homes is very low because no one wants to live there.
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