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They have good public schools and good restaurants. Also good variety of restaurants like fast food, buffets, and regular restaurants.
I like Winder, I have grown up here since moving here at the age of 5. I love the small town feel of the town, though I would like to see the drug use to go down It is a regular occurrence for you to know where drugs are being sold.
It's a small quiet. almost nothing bad happens in this town and everyone is friendly and our rival games are our most exciting events ever
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have a lot of good resturants people friendly easy assess very affordable living a little bit of charm
Living here was the last thing I wanted to do. Winder is very quiet. There are places you can go and visit for a day of fun, but it's not worth visiting twice. There is Ft. Yargo Park, which is a nice, but it is overcrowded on the weekends. Most time if you want something more substantial in the way of entertainment or even a variety of basic needs, you would have to drive south towards the Atlanta suburbs like Duluth, Suwanee, or Lawrenceville. The good thing is Athens is nearby and provides more opportunities for a little more diversity if you don't mind the the college town vibe.
Winder is a small town with genuinely good people. The resturaunts are great and the area is growing. I have lived here since 2002. When I first moved here it was mostly country land. The area has grown with lots of retail but continues to have that country welcoming feeling. There is still beautiful country land around and the sunsets are the best!!!
I have lived many different places but winderbis the only one I have ever called home. I have a lot of great memories because of this town.
If I could see one thing change about winder it would be to see them stop doing away with the history of winder. They would stop painting over certain building's and stop tearing certain building's down.
I love living in this small town. I see people I know everywhere I go. We have lots of big city plusses, too, like good restaurants.
Winder is your typical small town. Not a lot happens here, but downtown is made up of beautiful older buildings and there are all sorts of festivals and local parties annually. The small businesses are great and supply all sorts of good food and other products.
The food is okay. Winder is nothing extraordinary. It's a nice little town if you like keeping to yourself.
Winder is a small town with great citizens. I have lived here for the past 18 years have never felt hatred. The people of the town are extremely friendly. It is a great community.
It's very rural. Its fairly close to the suburban cities like Lawrenceville and Buford. It is not overpopulated and rarely has traffic. The crime rate is low. The community here is well informed. It's a small world where everyone knows everyone.
Winder is winder. There's no changing that. It could be a lot better. Especially if they would fix all of the traffic in downtown and stop doing so much construction everywhere.
Winder is a family atmosphere community. It is quiet most of the time and on the clean side as far as roadways and sidewalks. This is a place where everyone feels like they know everyone. You can go and down the road all day and each you go or come, someone will wave. When I first moved to Winder, GA I felt like I was in Mayberry. Many of the neighbors practice the "good fence" policy. If I could change anything in Winder, it would be the types of activities provided for the younger to middle age generation, dinning our restaurants versus fast foods.
I've lived in winder since my freshman year. It's become my home. People are friendly and it's close to Athens or Gwinnett. Perfect place to be in the middle
I've lived in Winder all of my life. I have watched it grow from a small town where everyone knew everyone to a much larger town. However, it is still smaller than your big city's, and there is plenty of country living. You are also within 30 minutes of all your major city hubs; such as, Athens, Gwinnett, and Atlanta.
The city is stuck in the days before the town exploded and became a meeting point along Hwy 29. Even though more younger people are moving in, the city board seems resistant to changing or tries to push high end in a pretty middle-class demo. It also doesn't focus on the diversity of the residents. There needs to be more inclusion and integration.
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Winder is right outside of cities, so you'd have to drive at least 20minutes+ to go shopping at the mall.
Winder is a smaller town that is surrounded by beautiful nature. Trees line the roads and provide a nice escape from city life. It provides enough businesses to keep its community members happy.
Quiet little small town. 30 minutes from Athens and Buford. Has a lot of new places to eat and places to shop. Not any mall type stores besides Rue21. Overall is a nice town to live in.
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