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I love Winchester. It's a very cozy, humble, and comfortable place to live in, go to school, and raise a family.
Winchester is a great town with an excellent public schools system and a beautifull town center. It is safe, clean and diversitile. Though there are some expencive nieghborhoods, there are some affordibile ones too!
Winchester is an amazing town to live in. Your classic suburban town, lots of Karens and lots of money but overall the people are nice. Not diverse at all but the school system is very good and it is very safe. Super expensive, too, but the properties are great.
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I love Winchester. It's a quaint town just 7 miles outside Boston, MA. It's perfectly for raising a family in. The schools are excellent and the crime late is remarkably low. I currently live in Winchester and I love it so much. I live in an area of Winchester which is about half a mile from its not too far away from Winchester center and everything is in reasonable walking distance from my house. Winchester center has a train station which makes commuting much easier for many parents and most peoples' commutes are pretty bearable. I love this town and I recommend it to anyone ready to start a family!
Winchester is a residential neighborhood with the advantages of being right in the middle of almost anywhere you need to go. While the town itself tends to be mostly residential and unassuming, it is right on the commuter rail line to Boston and minutes away from the Middlesex Fells Reservation and nearby Horn Pond for outdoor activities or just taking a quick walk. Schools are excellent and that reputation has driven up home prices as families try to move in for that very reason. The downtown area is small, but interesting with restaurants, a bookshop, and various of small businesses. All in all, while it doesn't have the bustling feel of other towns, you're never more than a 10-15 minute drive to get to most places you need to go.
Winchester is a rich suburb of Boston where people are very friendly and the local education system is extremely good. Living in Winchester is a long term investment as you would be living in a classical American suburb with four seasons.
Small town, lots of drama but good school system. Need to be a certain type of person with a certain lifestyle to live here.
TL;DR: Proximity (loc'n, loc'n, loc'n); convenience, schools
At 93/95 crux; close to BOS and pnts north. Take the fam to events in the city, home in ~15 min(!). TWO beaches, the Fells, sports clubs. WALK to dwntwn, now w/restaurants.
Disc'n of certain "grades":
Diversity, B: Hi-perf'ing achievers across grps; esp. attractive to educated prof'ls from, e.g., China and India
Commute,"A-: R U kidding? 7.5 mi from BOS; bike paths; 2 commuter sta.; bus lines; close to Red or Ornge line. Pls
Housing/COL: Ya get whatcha pay for. BTW: Winch home values flatlined (vs. cratered) in Great Recession
Weather, C: Close 'nuff to BOS to benefit from ocean's mitigating factors but far 'nuff to avoid, e.g., flooding. We have oft been spared "extreme" events visited upon elsewheres
Frankly, shouldn't even respond: I don't WANT you to find us. Block parties, sharing housekeys, shoveling each others driveways, neighbors working at the same firm, working out together. "1950s Republican agenda, indeed."
After several years on the west coast we moved here and found a really united community. The school system is very good and the town is family friendly,
Lots of activity and cultural events.
Best place to be...
Winchester is a great town with a wonderful school system and not too far from Boston so that many people can have jobs in the city. Even though the town can be a bit boring at times it is still a wonderful place to live and would not trade it for any other place in the world.
Although the town is small, there are always many things to do, whether walking through the park or meeting a friend in the town center for coffee. The town gives a sense of home and community to all who live here and those who visit.
This town is an extremely and very nice area. What I like about it is that everyone knows each other. It is a very safe environment for kids to grow up in. The school system is great, it helped raise outstanding and hardworking kids. The downtown is full of cozy little shops and every shop is willing to help you with anything and serve. Everyone is friendly and smiling.
Winchester is a town filled with genuine people, great food, a beautiful downtown, and a great school system. Although many of the houses here are expensive there are neighborhoods which are very much affordable; it makes this town diverse! Winchester is only 15 minutes away from Boston and has a commuter rail stop right at the downtown! If you are a student at Winchester High, make sure to bring your student ID if you hop on the train because you will get a discounted price!
Great Schools that Prepared me for college. The town is extremely safe, and it's community is filled with quality people that care about each other.
Beautiful, small community with many small businesses. Great academics. Good sense of community with athletics and events.
A great place to live inside a bubble of the American dream with a republican, 1950s agenda.
Winchester is a beautiful town with opportunities for hiking, boating, and other various sports but where it's bountiful in geographic resources it seriously lacks in residential diversity. Beneath all its beauty lie the snotty tendencies of its jealous and judgmental residents.
Good school, but a lot of people are kinda stuck up. There is a lot of parties, and drinking, drugs, etc going on in parent's basements. It is expensive. Cute shops
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I love Niche so far. It is a great resource. I look forward to continuing to use it as my kids grow closer to entering college.
It's a perfectly idyllic little town. The people here are very book-smart but sometimes lack social skills. But it's actually kind of sweet. Like nerdy adults grow-up to become successful and have nerdy kids. It's a nice place to live.
A great town for families. The school system is one of the best. The high school is currently being renovated and the elementary schools are one of the top rated elementary schools in the state. Houses are costly and the downtown area is closed early, excluding restaurants. It is 20-30 minute commute to Boston with no traffic.
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