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A cute small town with family oriented people. Unique shops and scenery and the best place to grow up. What I would like to see is the population to stop growing. Its causeing brand name stores to cut down the uniqueness of the village.
Adorable town that is booming, whether that is a good or bad thing. The local Austin area is growing and therefore there is a influx of people from Houston and Dallas who are changing the town. Hopefully Wimberley can stay the cute town it currently is.
Wimberley is just a sweet little town. I lived there for fourteen years and it was a great place to grow up! It's definitely growing, but still has the small town feel.
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Wimberley is a small, beautiful town nestled within the fastest growing residential area in the United States. I have seen it bulge and inevitably grow, but I would like to see it remain pristine. No Starbucks.
Small town with the charm and quaintness you associate with small town. The people here make visitors feel as though they are a part of the town.
i love wimberley i lived there for six years and everyone is very friendly and the location in the hill country is very beautiful
I like the country vibe they have, and how friendly the locals where. It is a great place to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of Austin.
A pleasant small town in easy driving distance to 2 very different major cities. Plenty of recreation and well rated schools.
Good little quiet town. Traffic can be hectic on the weekends. There are serval small restaurants, and many specialty shops. Having two major grocery stores is nice as well. Also there is one major chain gym.
Very friendly, very helpful. People are genuine here. Most are Republican, but Democrats can be found. It is a small government minded area.
Texas is a great place to live. People value their statehood and they have a high sense of community.
We're a little town with good service. Everything is a stone's throw away.
Bring your own vehicle, or rent one. We're out in the country.
I love Wimberley. It's a small, artistic and natural fun town that lies between 2 large cities. There is something here for everyone....go cart racing, river tubing, fine arts, and lots of football.
I don't notice the pollution. We have lots of easily accessible, free and fee parks near us. With the preponderance of ranches, wildlife is everywhere.
We're a tourist community neighboring on college towns so while our local business is seasonal, the over all business industry is steady. Being located between two major cities also keeps businesses humming.
This is Texas so shorts are a necessity in your wardrobe. We experience a couple of months of cold, which can include ice storms so a couple of sets of warm weather clothes are important, but most of the year is warm to downright hot. We do experience frequent droughts, but the local rivers, lakes and streams are a focal point with tubing a major Central Texas pastime.
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The job market is tough. I just switched industries to ensure I have employment.
It is a very safe town. Everyone knows everyone.
We have a very desirable location with good school and a country atmosphere.
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