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It's very safe for the most part, but a few weeks ago I left my car door open overnight and my stuff got stolen.
Family friendly and nice neighbors. There are many local businesses and stores. Located in the center of many major highways.
I love how quiet my neighborhood, but constantly I have to worry about the crime. When my car is in the driveway I worry about break-ins. Overall I love the neighborhood the people are very nice, genuine.
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I have been living in Wilmington Manor for our 12 years. The neighborhood is very quiet but, what I love the most about my neighborhood is my neighbors. When my father passed away in 2010 literally the whole WM neighborhood came together to offer their condolences and even provided food to our family.
Another thing I love is the fact they shovel the snow in the winter (you have to pay a small committee fee) but it is so worth it. Along with that fee they will paint your address number one the ground in front of your driveway.
It is general quiet in my the neighborhood, the only thing that could be of disturbance is kids running around or construction.
cops never come in my area or less it concerns someone needing the ambulance
if the city council asked me to speak to a crowd of people i would tell them they would not regret moving in my area. it is safe for the kids and a fun place to live.
This isn't the top notch place for employment, but many connecting and close cities have great employment.
I love the restaurants around the place that I live. There are many different kinds of ethnicity and very decent prices!
There are not many mom-pop places, but the ones you find are well kept and very warming!
some parks are not far away, could get there in a few minutes by car
Has some good variety and good prices
It's relatively safe, not much happens.
Local businesses are sometimes looking to hire new people.
Other houses look better than others. Mostly due to the owners keeping it up-to-date, neat, and making repairs and such.
Some local stores in the area have what our family needs every week. They are not too far away and have great prices.
Mostly fast food employment and I am an office professional.
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