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I like that Wilmington is a close town. Everyone knows everyone. Friends turn into family. What I would like to see change is the drug problems. A lot of the people in this town are on drugs. We are high on the opioid addiction list and it's sad.
Wilmington is a small town with average schools. It has beautiful countryside, but not many opportunities.
Wilmington has a lot of banking and gas stations. I currently go to Wilmington as well as Southern State Community College. At Wilmington High School, the teachers are very nice and always offer help. Half of the students don't behave and don't try very hard in school, while the other half is hard working and join extracurricular activities often. It has community service opportunities and FFA. At Southern State, I go through a CCP program with my High school.
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I have lived in Wilmington for most of my life. I love at it's a small town and most people know each other. The main thing I would change is the drugs. So many people in this town are on drugs.
The community is very nice. We are also trying to improve some things to make them nicer for years to come. I would like to see the drug problem be fixed.
Wilmington is a place for people who don't really want to do much with their lives or are afraid of change. Wilmington rarely changes, but when it does it's something that will not help children. For example, there are over 5 banks now as well as a marijuana facility. Drugs are a tremendous issue in this city and I can't wait to get a good education so I can provide a better life not only for myself but for my family too.
Wilmington is a small town, but I've still had lots of opportunities to further my education. I've volunteered at many different places and had successful jobs that were in Wilmington.
Wilmington is like any average small town in mid-western Ohio. There are not a whole lot of exciting opportunity available here, but that is not to be held against it. Everyone knows everyone's else and it allow for a sense of a tight community.
Wilmington is a cozy little town in southwestern Ohio. There is not so much to do here, but it is a nice town to live in. One of the only problems is that heroin use is increasing rapidly in this area.
I love the small town feel with all the larger town services. They have great festivals a few times a year. They also have a great school system.
Wilmington has been my home for almost my whole life. I attended school in the Wilmington City School District, and was over all very pleased with my experience.
This is a very small town in Southern Ohio. It is a farm community that does not have much going on. In recent years the town has gone massive job losses due to a huge business leaving town. Since that time more jobs have moved back into the area creating an upswing. It is quiet and quaint and the people are friendly.
I've lived around Wilmington my entire life and it isnt a bad little town. It's smaller so tight knit and after DHL left it was hard to make a comeback but Wilmington managed to pull through.
Wilmington, Ohio is a small town that has struggled in recent years. Set in rural Ohio, Wilmington has a strong agricultural history. The school system is above par for the area, and high school students are enriched by opportunities at two local colleges and a trade school. Once the home of Airborne Express, Wilmington now lacks a major employer. For those willing to commute, the city may be ideal as it is about an hour drive to Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton.
Wilmington is a very nice town. That old timey look and feel. The things that need changed is the economy and to bring more businesses to the town for jobs.
This is a great small town filled with a lot of history and nice people. The community is great and so is all the historic features. You can find just about anything in this cute small town.
The crime can be pretty bad from time to time, but nothing to be super paranoid about. We are a small town, but there are many criminals that reside here within city limits. As long as you watch your surroundings and can protect yourself then you will probably be okay as long as you are only out during the daytime. The police is around and ready to respond, but are hard to work with and I feel as if they don't really care about the people. I feel that is a nationwide epidemic, not just exclusive to my personal area. Citizens have been murdered here in public places, or stabbed and it is scary that in a small town like mine that people would want to preform acts like that. I am a young female, and I feel as if my safety is at risk from time to time but I would have to fight if anyone approached me trying to hurt me and to defend myself. Heroine is a rampant epidemic in our community, and has killed many people and I find that terrible that so many lives have had to be taken that way. I believe you can overcome any addiction, if the right steps to recovery are taken. For my area, I would really love to see a outreach to help people who are addicted to drugs and to help homeless find jobs and just to really help our community get better with crime and flourish as a community.
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I have resided in Wilmington, OH for pretty much the entirety of my life. The general atmosphere is full of agriculture and full of young students since it has two colleges located within city limits. For the most part, Wilmington isn't a bad small town. We have a decent amount of businesses but our biggest stores include Walmart and Kroger. There isn't much to do here, but we are located an hour both ways in between Dayton and Cincinnati. This makes it nice to be able to enjoy a small town feel but still being able to travel to bigger cities rather quickly. We have a small, but wonderful downtown district, with many murals that decorate that walls of many buildings. A couple of years ago, our town fell victim to the biggest recession and many jobs left the area leaving many individuals jobless. Although things are getting better for our small town since more businesses are coming into the area, some people are still without work and have it hard. Hopefully soon our small town economy can bounce back from the recession and I think that we as a community are slowly working towards that goal. I personally would not choose to live in this area due to high poverty and just overall would rather live in a more thriving area. I didn't really have a choice due to being born here and my family living here. In the future, I see this area doing better than past years and recovering from the recession.
The housing isn't too small or too big, thus the pricing isn't too much or too cheap... it's just right.
Wilmington, Ohio is a perfect example of a humble, respectable small town where someone can have a really great childhood
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