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Willis is a fast growing town with new homes and businesses constantly on the up and up. Generally, the people are very kind and easy to interact with. Lake Conroe provides a nice scenery and wildlife diversity, as well as the Sam Houston National Forest provides excellent hunting and camping opportunities.
I have lived in Willis, Texas for 22 years and have loved every minute of it. The town is not too large but is growing more everyday. However, it is still small enough that you can keep up with what is going on around you. I would recommend the area for anyone with children because the schools are excellent. Willis is the place to be if you like a little country mixed with a little city. It makes for a great combination.
Been here for about a year. I love living by the lake! The downside is the horrible traffic that is caused by poor infrastructure. There seems to be a real lack of concern by the DOT to get the lights on 1097 working efficiently.
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It´s a small town that is growing larger so if you wanted something quiet this no longer the place for you. The people that reside are an accepting and generally kind community with decent schools and opportunity.
I have grown up in Willis. For the most part, it is a lovely place to live. The people are kind, businesses are flourishing, and the country is beautiful. This being said, the health of the community is not ideal. The public high school is overrun with smoking and drugs. There is no health food store and there are many fast food restaurants. I would love it if the city invested in healthier community services. For example, there is a park but it is in the back part of town and is not a good place to be. The health of the community could be vastly changed if there was a park in the center of town and a place for walking and exersice. In conclusion, Willis is where I have loved growing up but is declining in the health department. If that was changed, Willis would be perfect.
Growing up in Willis has been great, but if you are not from the area it is hard to fit in with the adult cliques that still remain.
I love the small town feel with the luxury of being close to another bigger city. The schools are fantastic. The police force is very quick to arrive at any location because of the size of the town, the officers are also very nice and understanding.
I love how my town is a small town people stop to talk to you at the grocery store. Neighbour spend time together talk and enjoying each other company kids play together in the park or in their neighborhood
It is a very quiet place to live. I moved here about 10 years ago. I love the small town vibe to it.
Willis is a small town, but it has everything you might need, like 2 supermarkets, public schools, clinics, and theres shopping centers about 10 miles away. It is growing rapidly.
There are some really nice areas, as well as some very unkept areas. Not many know, but many locations on Lake Conroe are actually under Willis as a city location.
Willis is an interesting city I suppose. I have not lived here for very long but I was the general manager of a company out here for almost two years. The lake is very scenic, but it is very difficult to find anywhere to swim on it for free. I think they could focus more on creating some more swimming and fishing areas on the lake, even if they charged for them I would be interested. Downtown is not the greatest area but everything on the other side of 1097 is nice.
Grew up her my entire life. Very good mix of all walks of life with people from every economic class.
I really liked how much it has grown compared to 10 years ago. Now, there are a variety of restaurants and a Kroger that has almost everything you could possibly need. Schools are good and it has many places for recreation like fields to play, tennis courts, and a track.
I love the small town feel with the people and the city.
I love being in the country outside of Houston!
Its a small town, people are nice, lots of cool antique shops. There is small town then u can get to a bigger city really fast so you get best of both worlds.
It is a great place to live, a lot of development lately has brought stores closer to our neighborhood.
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I have lived in Willis many years. While it has continued to grow, my family and I are still happy to call it home.
Willis is perfect for families wanting to get out of the city. It's very quiet and safe, however if you work in Houston, it's quite a commute. If you're wanting to go out to a club or nice restaurant, the closest area to find that would be in the Woodlands. They have a beautiful mall and some amazing places to eat. Overall, this town is better for families or retired couples.
Willis Texas is a very little Suburb where everyone is very friendly. However, a little secluded it is not too far away from anything. I like about Willis how small and friendly it is there is nothing that I would change about Willis.
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