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Not a good place to live, but an ok place to visit. There is one water park and one theme park. If you like history, Colonial Williamsburg is a very popular place to visit and William and Mary is a college to go to if you want to be a lawyer. If you aren't visiting it is hard to find a good paying job and most of the jobs are restaurants and retail. The traffic is always heavy also
I love Williamsburg! I have grown up here my entire life, and it is one of the best places to raise kids in. There is so much to do and see, it's hard to get bored.
Williamsburg is a suburban community surrounding Colonial Williamsburg. There are tons of opportunities for history due to its location near Jamestown, America's first settlement, and Yorktown, the site of the end of the Revolutionary War. It is also near Ft. Eustis, which is why plenty of military family's live in the area. It is a safe and open environment with lots of recreation spaces and activities, including events on the James River. The schools in Williamsburg James-City County are consistently placed in the top schools in America listings. The climate and temperature here is hot during the summer and cold in the winter, with very little snow. Williamsburg does have a high percent of elderly folk, which is reflected in the neighborhoods and homes nearby.
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Safe environment. Family orientated. Tourist season can get slightly crowd with Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Water Country being nearby. Numerous restaurants available allowing multiple eating options from fast food, sit down, to luxury. Particularly enjoy the weekend farmer's markets.
Williamsburg is a quaint town rich in history. It is a perfect place for anyone wanting an escape. Surrounded by trees and water it is both immersed in nature while standing apart from it.
Williamsburg is a great place to live. It is growing and adding new industry and jobs. Although it is a smaller town, there is a wide variety in housing, jobs, and entertainment.
Williamsburg, is not for people who like urban cities. There are nice neighborhoods, but the city does not have a real night life.
Williamsburg is mostly known for its colonial Williamsburg tourist spot, College of William and Mary, and Busch Gardens theme park. It gets busy during the summer when the tourists start to pour in. The town itself is very safe and there are plenty of recreational activities and shopping opportunities to occupy your time.
It's a nice tourist city, but it never really feels like a city like New York or Richmond. Very touristy.
The best place for families. There are many restaurants and historical attractions. theres always something to do here
With its rich history pertaining to various timelines vital to American history such as the American Revolution and the Civil War, the town of Williamsburg has a vintage vibe surrounding its buildings and the beloved school of William and Mary. With amazing, local restaurants and cafes along with plenty of things to do and see, Williamsburg quirkily stands out.
I feel very safe here and have had an overall positive experience raising my children here. The residents here are very nice and the schools are great. I do like having Busch Gardens, Great Wolf Lodge, and Water Country so close, we are able to go during the "off" times so it isn't so busy.

Downsides are that there isn't much to do here outside of the summer, everything closes early, and tourists are here year-round. Despite being a small town, traffic is unpleasant and people generally drive painfully slow even when traffic is light, you can forget about alternative modes of transportation as well. Pay is also low, especially considering the rent/housing prices in the area.

Overall, Williamsburg has a small town feel with a lot of amenities you would not normally get in a small town.
Williamsburg is a small town but a great place to grow up. It has strong historical ties to the early 1800s throught he creation of coloniel williamsburg where they renact old battles. There are plenty rivers to swim in in the summertime. There are attractions like Water Country and Busch Gardens that are sure to excite the young ones.
Nice small-town feel and it is expanding to have many new restaurants, nightlife spots, and sporting facilities.
i'm a teen living in williamsburg, so from my point of view its a wonderful place to live, but there's not many things to do for young adults. but this town is beautiful, safe, friendly, and has a pretty good art and food scene. i think its great for young children, adults, and seniors, it just gets a little dull for people between the ages of 15-19.
Williamsburg is one of the safest cities in the U.S. It is rarely impacted by crime. It is a tight-knit community and a great place to start a family. Along with raising kids, Williamsburg is a nice place to retire. It is home to William and Mary which offers classes to 60 and older for free. Williamsburg also offers a lot of enteranment seeing it has two large amusement parks and lots of restaurants and shops.
Williamsburg has a lot to offer to many different types of people. Once you live here for a while it seems boring, as it does when you live anywhere, but there are many thigs to do. Williamsburg is moderately touristy because of the historic background and the theme park attractions but it is a nice lace to grow up and live. It is fairly clean here and safe because of all of the near by police stations and firehouses.
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I've lived in Williamsburg for most of my life and I really love it. I'm planning on attending W&M, which has already begun to provide a new perspective on Williamsburg and the area around it. It's stunning, especially in the spring and fall, has great historical attractions, a good overall town environment, and is pretty safe if you ask me! The only issues I have with Williamsburg is it isn't very walk-able, things can be pretty far apart, and if you aren't part of the college, there isn't much to do in the way of evening/weekend activities. You'd have to head to Richmond or towards Hampton to find any clubs or music. Other than that, I love Williamsburg and I think its a great place to live for people of any age.
I like the colonial aspect of Williamsburg and the sense of unity with the College of William and Mary.
Williamsburg is full of so many things to do. Whether you want to do something educational, entertaining, or amusing, there is everything to do. It is a beutiful place to live and call home.
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