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There is basically no crime in our area. You don't have to be afraid to walk around at night. I don't feel vulnerable as a woman or parent when I'm out and about.
The area I am in is just populated enough that social events are fun, but you don't have to worry about violence. Most people are upper middle class. The school systems are top notch. But they are bringing in a lot of new construction, and with the lack of close by/ convenient businesses I feel things will become over crowded and begin to decline.
Very safe community, located about 30 minutes outside the city.
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Great community where you know a lot of your neighbors.
There is barely any to little crime committed in this area. Typically the only thing locals have to worry about is others breaking in and stealing. In bigger cities around the area however the crime rates go up drastically.
I enjoy living the southern country lifestyle, where neighbors are a few hundred feet away, not on your front doorstep. I have 3 dogs so being able to open the door and let them run free is awesome along with the privacy. Raleigh, the capital city is just twenty minutes away if I am looking to have some fun. The beach and the mountains are within two hours so vacations are simple and rather close. I totally enjoy living here and the North Carolina weather is great. I would recommend to anyone that likes a typically relaxed lifestyle, but enjoys endless opportunities.
The crime in North Carolina is not as bad as other states like New York. New York is a great place but knowing that you might get your personal stuff stolen of even worst feel unsafe to walk at nights. I give North Carolina a good rate since you do not see anything like that here.
Living in North Carolina so far has been Great. All the activities that you can do more places to go closer store it is great. and North Carolina still Expending so yes, I see North Carolina a Great State to live in. So if I was to rate it I would give it a 10.
Theirs not too many jobs that offer much. Most are minimum wage jobs.
A lot of small local businesses are in the area. Thrift shops in the area are nice, and proceeds go towards women who have been through domestic violence. The hair salons are great. I like that I can get in and out, and there's no waiting game. A popular store is the Clayton Mart. Its open passed 11 and is very reliable with meeting needs.
People are constantly running outside or jogging. They are also playing basketball or tennis at the clubhouse.
They added speed humps due to the fact that people would race down the street, but they are hard to see as they are the color of the road.
People in my area of the neighborhood are trying to move out.
There are concerts that are going on at times.
Taxes are just going too high and because of that, people are applying for welfare.
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