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I love my city! It is very small and everyone knows each other. There is always activities to keep our city going and alive! I honestly would not of wanted to grow up any where else then my city, Wickliffe, Ohio!
building a new school the system is small enough your child can get to play sports . smaller class and good education . greart music program if child wants to play an instrament.
It's a nice small town with friendly people but it is a little rundown. Most of the building are very old, including the public schools. There are lots of nice city parks that are well kept. The city also holds many fun events during the summer to bring people together and unite our community.
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I have lived in Wickliffe for the past two years. It's a very good area, safe, and it's close to everything.
I like the parks that are in the neighborhood. It is also a quiet neighborhood with very nice residents and easy access to both the 90 and highway 2.
The people at the community centers and the libraries are very friendly. Overall this is an extremely friendly place, good place for families and very diverse. I also love that they have a produce and vegetable market.
Great small town community yet close to everything. Easy access to the freeway, restaurants, shopping...
I like Wickliffe because it still has that community feeling to it. Also everything is close by in reguards to shopping, parks,fitness, and there are many small businesses where work is available for local employees.
Wickliffe is a small town where most everyone knows everyone else. There are plenty of parks, 7 total, but not too much else to do. It's a mostly quiet city. Everything in Wickliffe is a walkable distance away. The school system could be better, but many of the students are nice.
It's nice to live in a small city, but I feel like I missed out on some things as a student because of how small/low funded the school is. But I have had an overall good time living here!
Wickliffe is a very small city where everyone knows each other. It is really nice because it allows for kids and teenagers to make friends easily in school. The community is very tight knit and they offer a lot of activities throughout the year such as movies in the park.
Close-knit community, close to neighboring cities with plenty to do. Beautiful park system. Lovely pools. Friendly faces and families, neighbors will wave in passing. Everything is within walking distances or 5 minute drive max. Public library is top notch and has lots of programs for little ones. Sweetberry, the local market store is amazing, has fresh produce and a delicious prepared-foods selection. People come from all over to shop there, since the prices are super low.
Quiet neighborhood. Need to have more help centers around. Public services shouldn't be so far. The closest exchange center is a long way away.
Wickliffe is a small and quiet town where very little goes on. This city is well-run, and you'll find that for whatever you may need, a store is close by. In my opinion, Wickliffe's location is ideal. The city is situated halfway between Cleveland and Mentor so that you could reach either city in about 20 minutes. There are lots of families who live here as well, and everyone in general is very nice.
Since moving to Wickliffe, I have had no complaints. It's quiet, plenty of food options (healthy and not so healthy), bars that aren't disturbing, and a kind crowd of neighbors. Hospitals are right up the road, parks are clean and quiet. A child can play freely in the neighborhood without much worry. Cost of living is very affordable and is actually nice. A lot of the homes are bungalows, but you can find a few that aren't.
I enjoy the small town feel, I enjoy being able to walk to our wonderful
library, coffee shop or school to pick up my kids. Wickliffe takes extra precaution for the walkers in the neighborhood with crossing guards during school season, and an amazing police force.
Most are "Cookie Cutter" houses, my house personally was built for my family so it looks different then the rest
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We have great busing and community events, but not many other services
Really close to cleveland, small amount of crime but nothing too shocking or scary
We have long, cold snowy winters and moderate sunny summers
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