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I like the down home feel of it. I do not like the lack of high speed internet and technological advances.
Very small town where everyone knows everyone. Southern culture where manners are always displayed and your neighbors always say hello as you pass by. People who live here, have been here their whole lives and do not intend on leaving. I would like to see more things to do in Whiteville. Anything outside of work, the local community college, and a handful of drive thru fast food chains, there's nothing to see or do. So if you're looking for a sit down restaurant, a movie theater or even a mall, expect to travel minimum of 45 minutes to the next city.
Whiteville is a small town with poor options as far as lodging and dining in.Mostly white and not to hospitable .
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Run down, not safe. Community going down hill. Businesses don't stay open long. Crime is higher. Not much to do around the area. No real growth. Very far from places
Need more activities for young people. Need more industry, jobs, restaurant chains and shopping retailers.
It is a very small town. I love how all your family is close together. The down fall is there isn't much to do here. I would love to see us have a movie theater back or a mini mall like Wilmington has. It would also be nice to have more activities for the children to engage in. Overall its a wonderful and peaceful place to live!
I lived in Whiteville for over 14 years. It's not the best place overall, but it has something a lot of other cities of its size doesn't: community. Everyone is family here, sometimes literally. If you ever need help of any sort, there is always someone that will happily help you out, strangers or not.
A poor, violent community which clearly demonstrates the long term results of corruption and nepotism.
This is a small town one hour from South Carolina Beach and one hour from North Carolina Beach. It is best described as a go through town. It is not really considered a big city. The restaurants are very limited, but it does have Walmart Super Center. It has a lively downtown, a Vineland Village, and to home to unique southern restaurants. It was chartered in 1873. The town Whiteville North Carolina is named after James B. White. The Vineland Station was built in 1903 and is one of North Carolina’s original brick depots that serves as the town’s civic center.
Very sketchy, poor area. I've grown up here all my life and really everyone is trying to better themselves to help it grow or move away but none of us can afford it.
Whiteville is a small town, that has begin to grow. I wish that more jobs and opportunity here. What I like. Most of about Whiteville everyone knows everyone else. I enjoy the fact living in a small town you never meet strangers, just a new face. That the most enjoyable part about living in Whiteville
I love the small town feel of whiteville where you know the vast majority of the people in the town yet you also have a sense of privacy. I would love to see Whiteville grow in jobs for our community so that young professionals don't have to work outside of our community.
A lot of buildings are empty due to the costs and the area that they are in
some family's have lived here for years and continue to live here
crime is not really that bad but there are times when people like to unload their guns in the air while standing out in the middle of the street
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