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Whiteford Township Reviews

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Really likes the township and especially the school. Wanted to buy a house within the district but everything was ridiculously expensive.
Very small town, good kind people. Everyone knows everyone. A lot of bonfires and hanging out hunting, fishing.
Whiteford Township is a pretty small place, but it is a great place to be. Though Whiteford High School is a small school, the teachers and the community are wonderful. Whiteford is a great place with a wonderful community.
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The best thing about this area is that the attractions and events take place within surrounding towns. This allows my hometown to avoid the "big city" traffic and tourist crowd.
I personally enjoy experiencing all four seasons so where I live is the ideal place. Although the weather is very predictable at times, we receive mild and extreme weather conditions depending on the year.
There are many chain restaurants and many local places to eat. I am not familiar with available bars/nightlife options.
The area offers many job opportunities for young people. In addition, there are many colleges around the area which employ many people each year.
Due to the fact that Petersburg and the Southwest area of Michigan consists of small towns it is enjoyable to be able to support the local businesses. Those who are owned my community members are satisfactory.
If you get out there and strive to find a job it 's possible. There's limited opportunities and lots of people-particularly low-experience people wanting jobs. If you really want/need something it's find-able but may not be your dream job. Just something that pays the bills.
Average business. Has what you need. Never had big issues finding anything. But there's not a whole lot of exotic/special stuff. Not a culture hub.
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