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Whitefish is a great family friendly community. There is a lot of activities for families. The outdoor recreation is the highlight of this town in my opinion. It is riddled with hikes, mountains, lakes, streams, and so much more. The town doesn't get too hot or too cold, for Montana that is. The public schools do the best they can to give each student an equal opportunity and an excellent education. The community is tight-knit and unique.
I loved growing up in the small town atmosphere. It was always very safe here, and the scenery is gorgeous. Never-ending opportunities to experience the beautiful outdoors through camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, hunting, skiing, etc.
This is a great small Montanan mountain town with a tight-knit vibe. I would love if there were more young people working on projects but it's a great place to relax and escape from the world for a while.
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I love Whitefish, but it can get congested, esp throughout the summer. Even though it's a ski resort town (Big Mountain), summer is the busy time of year. The prices go up and traffic slows down. The jobs are primarily in hospitality and land/home prices are through the roof! Often homes are priced at twice the estimated value and even that has more than doubled since 2014! Not only has the cost of living gone up, but there are more free love/hippie types. I moved here for the clean water and air, and I'm worried everyday about the pollution.
Whitefish is a very friendly and nice town. It is a bustling ski town in the winter affectionately named "Holiday Village" by the local stories. It is beautiful in winter with all the snow and pretty lights and during the summer its a different kind of beautiful with its full forests.
I wish with all my heart that I owned a home here. Anytime I come to visit my best friend I never want to leave!
- A California native
Happy little resort town that is full of creative, intelligent, and friendly people. Although hard to find housing, very enjoyable atmosphere.
NOT gay friendly!!!! My husband and I were walking through town and were brutally assaulted by an elderly woman with a staff. The people around her cheered her on and made me sad. If you are gay, black or a Jew don't come here the people are scary
The public schools here are wonderful. There aren't that many students, so it is very personal compared to the other schools in the valley. There is very little crime here which is always a good thing. Since it is a resort city, it is expensive to live here and there aren't very many job opportunities so many work in the neighboring cities. It is all worth it though to live in such a beautiful place and to have the ski resort in our backyard.
I love the access to the mountains. There is so much wilderness here! But, it is a resort community and there are seasonal crowds that drive up prices and congest the roads.
Living in Whitefish is fantastic. There is something for everyone, whether you are just starting out on your own or beginning a family. The education system in Whitefish is top notch, and there are plenty of activities to keep kids busy and out of trouble. Job opportunities are plentiful and good paying.
Good potential for expansion because of the beautiful area and rich community. Job Outlook is great, with many outdoor careers.
There are Multitudes of great restaurants in the area including but not limited to, Whitefish Lake Restaurant, Wasabi, and Tupelo's
The local businesses in this area are very diverse without very many large corporations.
There are some really great small, local businesses in the area. They aren't always the cheapest, however.
Job market isn't ideal, really depends on how you feel. Wages aren't exceptional but cost of living isn't too high either.
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