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Whitefield is a great town if you like rural living with strong community. One major drawback is the lack of youth here.
We have great firefighters and policemen that give up their personal time to help out the community and the townspeople are very grateful for them.
In my eighteen years of living in this town, there have been maybe two or three crime instances. This town is generally very safe, and any crime is probably just a prank taken too far.
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The only weather issue we have here in Whitefield is the snow. Some years it isn't that bad, and we actually wish there was more of it. But other years, like this one, snow comes in abundance. It can sometimes make driving difficult because of the huge snowbanks we have to peer around, but in a town that has more snowmobiles than vehicles, it is not too much of a detriment.
In this town, the job options are basically working in a convenient store, working on a farm, or working in one of the many small businesses. This doesn't sound like a lot, but it offers great satisfaction of being part of a community. I personally work at the local daycare in town. It is by far the best job I could ever have asked for. We are very involved in the elementary school nearby, and the children that come from our daycare thrive for the rest of their lives.
There are no restaurants or bars in the area, nor really a need for them. There is a fully stocked quick stop right on the town line between Whitefield and Jefferson, so any beverages are purchased there, and we have no need for bars or clubs; barns and fields are the best party locations.
This area is very small, but it is very community-based. There are two gas stations/convenient stores whose employees know everyone and everything that is going on. They're the best places to get information, with their detailed events boards, and the best places to get quick food as well. They give the town that old-homey feel that attracts quite the crowd.
Jobs are hard to come by that are not minimum wage here.
Honestly the customer service is great but the execution of service is terrible.
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