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Currently, White Settlement does not have much going for it. It is an average place to live with plenty of problems, not much job opportunities, and lack of any nightlife activities. I would love to see new projects or developments to see White Settlement prosper.
I have only been living in White Settlement for a few months. But i do find that the commute to my job and school are very manageable. There does not seem to be a lot of crime related issue in the area. I do wish there were a few places to go out and have a drink beside a restaurant. I do see more development coming to the area and this allows more job opportunities to the community.
This is a great town, and hands down my favourite part of Fort Worth. It gets a lot of hate, but it really has improved in the past few years. It's the quieter part of town and very safe.
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It's a pretty okay town. Nothing is too special about it, it has lost of food places and locally owned shops with our own start up businesses. If you want an average life in an average town, this city is right for you. Be careful of bad drivers though!
Could have more stores and have more restaurants. I have been living in this town since 2016 and so far it is nice. I like the calm vibe and the easy access to everything because it is all close by and not spread out like big towns.
What I really liked about my neighborhood is that parts of it has a lot of stores around if you need anything. However, I really wish that some of the people would be a bit nicer, it seemed that some people had attitudes or were just over all angry.
Very close town! Everyone knows everyone here and no one really moves away, they always come back. The schools are amazing! They support all teams.
I would like to see White Settlement expand from a small town by adding more to do such as night life.
White settlement is a nice place to live. I have gotten very comfortable with living in the community and the neighbors are very nice and helpful. There is nothing I would change about the area.
We love being so close to Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas and surrounding areas which makes White Settlement a convenient and inexpensive locale to reside in. Things I would change would be housing and neighborhood upgrades. White Settlement is small and looks a little unkempt, however, it is overall a really nice city to be in.
I really enjoy the website. I enjoy the huge selection of scholarships and how easy they are to apply too. I wish I could see all the scholarships I have to applied too.
I am an employee of WSISD. Over all the community is close knit and a safe place to live. There are very few restaurants and shops in the city. White Settlement lies right next to Fort Worth and there you can find different shops and activities. The city is slow, as some of the businesses that generated employment and incomes have left. The city needs to update its buildings and streets and make it friendly for new business to come and invigorate the town.
Pretty much like the rest of the state.
A few locally popular restaurants. Lots of foreign.
New businesses starting all the time.
The spacing isn't that great however everyone has great landscaping. The houses have the same layout .
There are a few not so great places however there are plenty of great places in this area.
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There plenty of job opportunities , different kind of jobs.
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