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White Cloud, Michigan is not the worst town in the country. The opportunities at the public schools are very good I believe. The diversity within the town is surprisingly decent for how small it is. As for safety, I believe it is as safe as any other small town. Job opportunities for high school students is decent in town, if you know the right people. As for healthy living, we do have a lot of meth heads and druggies around. But there are the families that you know do drugs and the families that don't. Like I said, White Cloud isn't the worst town in the country, but It definitely is not heaven either.
I like that I had friends in the area and I got to hang out with them. I would love to see less traffic in the area.
White Cloud is a very small town. We have a preschool, elementary school and a connected jr. high and high school right next to each other. The only fast food chain we have is a subway and we also have a wesco.
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White Cloud is a perfect town if you want a small life and community. It's mainly a safe town with not too much going on crime wise.
It is a small town that doesn't have much to do. When school is in session, there are the football games to go to at night,and to watch the marching band do there stuff. Otherwise people go to the lake in town. Not much to do in small town, but it kind of feels like camping.
If you want to work at subway or the gas statio . These are the only opportunities outside of the county complex.
There are very few shops in our area.
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