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I spent a large part of my childhood growing up in White Center, Washington. While I loved living there and created life long memories, White Center isn't exactly the safest place to live.

Growing up, I used to live in a neighborhood called "Park Lake Homes" which was in White Center. That neighborhood was known to have a lot of gang activity. As a kid growing up, you had to make sure you didn't get caught up in all that. I was fortunate I had parents that made sure I focused 100% in school and did not get involved in gangs. Another thing that helped was getting involved with sports.
Overall, although White Center has gang activity, it was because of that gang activity that kept me on the right path.
I didn't really like my time in White Center. It is far away from downtown, it doesn't really feel safe, and there isn't really anything notable either.
White center is situated next to the very affluent neighborhood of Admiral Way/The Junction. Housing is very expensive but there is crime (robberies, shootings, etc.) nearby. I do not walk around at night. I do like the main California Avenue area though, which is nearby. Good wandering and restaurants.
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White Center has always been a diverse neighborhood and has an exciting variety of restaurants, markets and pubs. It is currently the neighborhood to visit if one has a taste for great barbecue, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican food, craft beers, unique ice cream flavors and it has some of the best burgers in the city! My neighbors are Cambodian, Vietnamese, Muslim, Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian and I love hearing different languages spoken in one small area. I love that my neighbors look out for me and I am happy to reciprocate. I would recommend that everyone visit this exciting and inviting neighborhood!
I can't say that I feel entirely safe walking around in White Center. However, there are a few very delicious restauraunts.
I live in one of the better neighborhoods, but it would be nice, if the roads and other things could be fixed in White Center because they are very old and damaged.
I have lived in White Center all my life and I love how this community is very diverse and with the help of the White Center CDA they are trying to make this community grow and improve bit by bit.
It's in a convenient location, but there is a lot of crime and drug use. I used to work in the Staples in Westwood Village, and we had a lot of drug and alcohol abuse in the store.
I have lived in White Center, Seattle Washington for most of my life and even though others of Seattle find this to be a troubled area it really is not. It's a very diverse small community that welcomes all and enjoys the communications of others.
I've been living here since 1999. I have never been in any danger, but have heard of incidents around my area. I do feel that people around here are generally more open and welcoming.
While the White Center area is an easy commute for people working in downtown Seattle, the area has a homeless and crime problem. It is not safe at night and there have been several incidents during the day, at parks and shopping areas, making the area unsafe for families to take advantage of the amenities that are within walking distance of each other. The public schools perform poorly. The crime and poor schools bring property values down. On the upside, in addition to the commute, the area is very diverse and finding a restaurant serving a specific type of food or a store selling specific ingredients is easy to do.
The police are seen driving around on a daily basis, multiple times a day and when we have needed them, they were there quickly. This area has a very low crime rate, however, I would not feel safe walking down the street due to the seemingly "sketchy" neighboring population.
Not great, not bad. I feel that this area is slowly getting better. There are new housing developments nearby, new restaurants, and more affluent people moving in. The rest of Seattle is so overpriced that great, modern, urban communities are developing farther and farther out of downtown. This location is still farther than most so its taking a little longer to develop, but a little progress is better than none.
As I have mentioned before, the area that I currently live in has had much crime that spread from robbery to sometimes a murder. When night falls, it becomes a very shady area and ever since I was a child, I remember my mom telling never to out after dark due to the lack of safety.
The neighborhood that I currently live in has had multiple crimes. I have lived here me whole life so I'm pretty much used to the way things are, but I am sure that things could be much better.
Before is wasn't the best, but slowly bettering.
It is a very calm place to live, minimal distractions.
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I mostly stay at home in my apartment and try to avoid walking around the area as much as possible. I never feel safe especially in the Roxbury area.
It's a small neighborhood with local businesses. There's also a library near by and plenty of schools for K-12 graders. Lately there has been a lot of homeless people around the area. Safety is a major concern to me because I can't walk around by myself at all times. There was a man that stalked me for seven blocks a few weeks ago. He tried to get my attention by circling around the block several times to keep track of where I was walking. I also got really paranoid while crossing the street near the local laundromat. His car was right next to me and I was scared that he might run me over his car because I was ignoring his presence. Eventually I caught the bus to go to Staples because it wasn't worth risking my life to walk there by myself.
I like how my community get involves. I would choose to live here again because i feel safe. Also, What i see in the future in my community is having more festivals & clubs.
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