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Whispering Pines is a beautiful area! it has plenty of walking trails and areas to take pets and is a very nice neighborhood.
Very cute and quiet community. Theres plenty to do here if you're an older adult. Theres plenty of golf courses around which are very well kept and offer challenges. Overall it is a very nice place to grow up and live. I just wish there would be more things to do for young adults and teens other than going to the bars.
It's a pretty quaint town. There are a lot of families here and everyone is very friendly. I feel very safe living here. However, the schools here are nothing to write home about, and there isn't really anything to do unless you really like golfing. There are a lot of family-owned businesses that you can feel good about shopping at, though.
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Whispering Pines is a very family friendly neighborhood. It is a safe, clean, and quiet place. Beautifully landscaped yards, clean streets, and friendly neighbors make Whispering Pines home.
I like that it's very clean and friendly. I don't like that they're lowering school budgets for children of school age.
I have lived in Whispering Pines almost all of my life. When my children and I moved back to here after a recent divorce I was very happy. This community makes me feel safe especially when I have my children at night. The police are very helpful if we have any issues. When we do have issues they have been very understanding and have used the right form of help and safety.
The police is very visible and reachable, they are also extremely helpful if ever needed. i have never seen disrespect towards cops or disrespect from cops.
It has a lot of out door along with in door things to do around. Its very safe and a lot of great great places to eat. It gets a little chilly in the winter but the weather is always fairly nice. I love this place and would move here again if I could.
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