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This is a very rural community so there is no city bus system. It also is about a 15 minute drive to the nearest freeway and about an hour drive to the nearest major airport. There is next to nothing for sidewalks in this community because there are not many streets. For the most part it's safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. There is lots of space to talk walks and ride a bike.
Most of the people that live in this community have pets, whether it's cats or dogs or both. The only community events that take place are ones the churches put on a couple times a year. Those events are always free and open to anyone.
We have a mix of houses, apartments and trailers in our community. Most of the places are always occupied at all times. I would not suggest moving into the trailer court here. The landlord does not do background checks on tenants before they move in so we have had a lot of problems with noise nuisance and a few child predators that have lived in here in the trailer court. He also charges way too much for water and sewer.
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There really is no crime where I live, just a lot of parties and noise problems. People also tend to race around here like it's a race track at times knowing that there are lots of children living in this neighborhood. The police do drive through every so often. Otherwise it's a decent area to live.
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