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Wheaton is lovely community with everything you need. As a mother of two, I appreciate the great schools and the opportunities it provides my children. The park district offers affordable teams sports, pools, well maintained parks, and other amenities. Downtown Wheaton hosts many events throughout the year and truly supports local businesses. The metra station is right in town and easy accessible to highways and expressways. Wheaton is a great place to live and a perfect place to raise a family.
Wheaton is a good suburban town with lots of wholesome people and churches nearby. However, one thing I wish they would fix is the contruction in the downtown area. Overall, it is family friendly and safe for young children. The school districts are very good and give the students a great education.
I’ve lived in Wheaton since the day I was born. The great schools are one reason why I’m still living here for the kids. But the over religious people here get in the way of my kids wanting to do their own thing
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I like Wheaton. I love being able to go for runs and not have to worry, because Wheaton is very safe. It is not very diverse, although it has grown more diverse since I've lived here. It is very convenient for transportation, there's a train that goes straight to Chicago from here. The downtown is small and cute with little shops. The library is excellent - I have spent many hours there.
Wheaton is a beautiful and safe place to live. The people are nice and downtown Wheaton there are cute spaces that have been there for decades. A favorite of mine is the little popcorn shop. It is a small shop where children can get a small bag and put candy in it for a low price. It was one of my favorite places to go with my family when I was younger.
Downtown Wheaton is a beautiful and safe historic area. It's also fairly inexpensive to rent as a student there.
The people are overall very kind, however it is a very religious town with a conservative leaning. Much of Wheaton is rather affluent, there is relatively little religious and ethnic diversity. The downtown area has many small shops and restaurants, most of which are family friendly, and there are several train stations which make getting from Wheaton to Chicago to other western suburbs easy and convenient.
Wheaton was a wonderful place to grow up and continue living . It's close to the city, but the suburban area has much to recommend as well. The people are both hardworking and fun loving and there are many options for food, entertainment, and leisure.
Nice town. Not enough diversity. Public schools seem good. Good private schools. Neighbors are somewhat friendly.
More coffee shops with sitting space.. Downtown coffee shops are very small. But the food options are top notch, great quality food. Easy access to commuter train into the city. Has a very cozy, clean and safe atmosphere.
Wheaton has been great! I have learned so much here from my experiences with people and through school. The town was a great place to grow up as it is safe, family-friendly and has great schooling. There are many good people around and a lot of support. One thing I would change is the diversity. There is mostly white, wealthy families and it would be cool to see that change to add more culture.
Wheaton,Illinois is an outstanding community to grow up in and go to school. You will develop many lifelong friendships from the many different opportunities that are available. The schools in Wheaton prepare you to be successful at opening up many opportunities for college and beyond. Being a suburb of Chicago you also have chances to visit a wide variety of cultural events, from museums to concerts and sporting events to Lake Michigan beaches, their are options for everyone.
Wheaton is a great place to live. You have access to great high schools, no matter what part of Wheaton you live in (Wheaton North, Wheaton Warrenville South, and Glenbard West). I have lived in unincorporated Wheaton and currently live on the north east side. One of the things that my parents love is that we go to the great Glen Ellyn (next town over) schools, but pay Wheaton property taxes. We have pretty large lots and great houses. Downtown Wheaton is a great place to eat and shop and there are always fairs, farmers'/French markets, etc. The most confusing part of Wheaton is that there are two zip codes. The north side of the train tracks is 60187 and the south side is 60189.

Overall, I love my town!
I'm not the biggest fan. Wheaton is ok. I'm very happy that it is a safe neighborhood. But there is not a lot of diversity and the community is very traditional and conservative in values.
Wheaton has great public schools and provides a family atmosphere. The park district and library are top notch. Green space surrounds the city with many bike trails and golf options. The city was just rated the 27th best place to live in the US out of 2800 communities which were analyzed.
Wheaton is a great, safe community with a strong emphasis on family and the Lord. It was a nice place to grow up and a hard place to leave when I went away to college. It is small enough that it is still a welcoming town but there enough people that there are plenty of places to visit or businesses to shop with.
Wheaton has very good public schools and community centers. There are lots of sports clubs and extracurricular activities offered.
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I love that there is always fun things to do. I love how safe I feel in my neighborhood and that most people from town are super friendly.
Wheaton is a small town, amazing for kids to grow up in with mom and pop stores. The breakfast scene is to die for after Sunday mass. Almost every thing is walking distance once you make it to the down town area. There is also a small Christian College in town that isn't a party school, but more of a town oriented school. The kids there will help nanny the children/families in town.
Wheaton is a great, family friendly place in the suburb of Chicago. Wheaton offers a wide variety of jobs, people, and stores. The real estate market of Wheaton can be on the higher end of the price spectrum, however some places can be bought/ rented for a good deal (The surrounding area is very beautiful and has many places for jogging, exercising, or enjoying nature). The public schools in Wheaton are very good, especially Wheaton Warrenville south High School, as well as the College of Dupage that is only a short drive down the main road.
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