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There are a lot of good things to do and a lot of great people. Wheatland is small, so the community is very tight and supportive of each and every resident. Wheatland is a great place to live.
If a rating of zero were possible, that is what it would get. A resident for over 15 years, this town is one of the most backward, narrow-minded communities I have ever lived in. Having lived in other small towns, cliques are an inevitable part of small town life. But unlike other small towns, these cliques in Wheatland were/are destructive. As a result, the town is fueled behind the scenes by a small group of individuals, regardless of who is elected to "official" office. There is one award worthy of this place: Wheatland is the "White Trash Capitol of Wyoming", the white trash being white collar and educated, however. Go figure. As an added bonus, the wind rarely stops blowing. If you don't mind wind that is so strong that it blows over semis multiple times over the course of a few weeks, then go for it. Keep looking- there are better places to live in Wyoming than this rat trap.
I have only lived in Wheatland for about a year. I moved here without knowing anyone. With that being said, the community is very friendly. There is always stuff going on to promote local shops and business. I also can get almost everything I need in town. This is a nice change from where I used to live because I used to have to travel 1 hour to another town to be able to buy what I needed for prices I can afford. Wheatland is a small town, so it is not very common for small towns to have everyday items you need at prices you can afford. Wheatland is also located right next to the mountain and next to laramie peak. You can see it all year long but it really shines in the winter. Along with the mountains, Wheatland also has some lakes near by and rivers! This is a beautiful town with some wonderful views. I could not picture a better place to settle down in!
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It is a small town county atmosphere. Very friendly people with stuff to do for people and kids of all ages. Local shopping and eating available. Great schools and easy access to local community colleges and the University of Wyoming.
This town was a nice, small, family town to grow up in but I don't think I'll be staying here. There's no real new opportunities and things are the same as they were ten years ago pretty much. The town is growing just a bit but there are no new jobs for the younger individuals of Wheatland. The town is set up for the older individuals and money is spent on them too. Compared to other small towns in the country I'm sure Wheatland isn't close to the best but I can't really hate on the little town I grew up in a have grown to love.
It is a small town so it feels very warm and inviting.
There is very little crime
I have lived here all my life I haven't been out of Wyoming except to visit family in California I prefer Wyoming it is quiet and has a lot of wide open spaces I love being out doors and exploring.
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