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Wheatridge is one of the very few neighborhoods in CO that haven't changed. Good schools in this area as well.
Good community but city services could be better in some older areas. The drainage and animal control in the applewood area could be handled better by the city.
Quiet suburb but close to city center, lower traffic, family friendly, good city services, nice parks and recreation and open space trails. Close to all major retailers, highway connections to mountains or city.
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Wheat Ridge is a still-almost-affordable suburb on the west side of Denver. It's close enough into town still feel connected, with easy access to downtown, the highlands, edgewater, etc., but with larger properties and quieter streets. And the foothills and mountains are within arms' reach.

It's not the most walkable of areas (yet) and you'll find yourself driving to just about everything. That said, there is an effort underway to make 38th St more of a pedestrian oriented area, complete with shops and restaurants, creating more of a downtown/city center environment.
Wheat Ridge, CO is a great place to raise a family. There are community centers with all kinds of activities. The parks in the area are all well kept and taken care of, they have story time, movies and music in the parks.
Wheat Ridge is a great community with a lot to do and friendly people, it's close to the mountains and Golden, but also close to the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver. There's something for everyone in Wheat Ridge.
I have enjoyed my time in Wheat Ridge because of the old-timey vibe it emits. It is very green, there are many parks, and places with real history behind them. It is the kind of place that makes you want to use a car less and just get to walk around and see all of the beautiful, interesting details that color the environment and community.
It's a quaint community right in the epicenter of all of the excitement in the Denver area. The people are always friendly, the town is very safe, and there is always something to do.
I love the small community feeling. There should be more nightlife for the younger population, maybe in a certain area of Wheat Ridge
A lot of things close by to do and eat. It's a city that is convenient by the shops and grocery stores. There's activities for seniors adults teens and shildren. It's a growing community.
I enjoy how Wheatridge is a small community and it has a very welcoming feeling to it. I also enjoy that it is not too crowded and still has that old school vibe to it. Aditionally, I appreciate the highways being very close and that it is very close to Denver but you do not have to deal with the high traffic.
Just like any city it has its ups and downs. It has great schools, great parks. Its very bicycle and walker friendly. The city has been making a lot of improvements especially with the streets, where some side streets still need work, the main streets are great. Wheat Ridge is full of convenient shopping centers, and restaurants.
Wheat Ridge is a small city, so small you just might miss it, but not a bad place to live. The parks here are really nice, but I wish there were more stores and restaurants. Crime isn't extremely high, and the police department seems to do a good job at keeping the community safe.
Wheat Ridge is a satisfactory but unextraordinary suburb. Its central location and decent fitness opportunities are its highest selling points.

Wheat Ridge has a King Soopers, a Sprouts, and several charming little restaraunts. A fitness guru will be delighted with the exceptional Wheatridge Recreational Center, which is a highlight of the suburb, offering a gorgeous swimming pool and great fitness facilities. For families or individuals looking to spend time outdoors, Prospect Park has miles of trails winding among rivers, lakes, and shade, and Wheat Ridge is a mere twenty minutes' drive to the mountains.

It's not a hip, exciting place but it's a calm, average suburb to peacefully raise one's kids or live out retirement.
Wheat Ridge is close to all the fun that downtown Denver offers, along with being close to the gorgeous mountain trails on the front range. It offers great schools, walkability and great space for your money. It's an up and coming neighborhood for businesses and restaurants.
Seen police quick to respond to others no personal knowledge.
I love that it's close to the city but still has its own personality. It's also small enough to know your neighbors but big enough to go out to the town and have a good time!
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Housing is through the roof since too many people have moved here from out of state because of the legalization of pot in Colorado making it no longer affordable to live here.
I don't plan on staying here long
I do not intend on staying in the area much longer too many people moving in from out of state and i don't like crowds
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