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Growing up in this small rural town, everyone knows each other, and motivate each other to do better things outside of this town.
Wharton is a historical town. My experience here has been great. Growing up as a child here, I was able to live a country lifestyle. Free to the pastures to roam around without a worry in the world. As a adult now, it is still pleasant to sit on your porch and enjoy the breeze and friendly neighbors. If there can be a change in Wharton, I would suggest updating the neighborhoods. Everyone side of town should look as one. One side should not look as if its in poverty.
If you like small towns, Wharton fits the bill. This is a small town with lots of farming in the surrounding areas. There are several small companies that hire skilled workers, the rent and land prices are cheaper than in the larger urban areas, and the air still smells clean at night.
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Wharton is a small town filled with friendly and caring people. The town has a diverse population as well. A lot of the housing is older and most people are lower income, but the crime is low and it is a safe place to live. The schools are not well rated but they are improving with new administration. Being a small rural town makes employment opportunities difficult, but it is close enough to Houston area suburbs to allow for a reasonable commute for jobs. It is very quaint and in a pretty area near the river, and we have enjoyed living here.
At first it seems like some small insignificant town in the middle of nowhere, but it starts to grow on you. The people are nice and inviting. There are not a lot of places that would be considered "hip," but it is rich in country side a historic value- its entire town square and downtown are is comprised of historic buildings.
I would love to see wharton get better housing for those in need. For wharton to get better apartment complexes for those who can't afford homes. I do believe Wharton has alot of potential. I love the college I attend and the opportunities it has to offer.
Wharton is a great small town, and the college is awesome. The staff at WCJC is very helpful compared to other colleges.
it is a good family town to live in, get settled down and enjoy your family in. You can enjoy the scenery and amazing food they have to offer, the county of Wharton has friendly people always lending out a smile. The homes are affordable.
The crime here is not high at all in my eyes. There are a few cops pulling over people, or a few house robberies but our police men are always responsive and handle all situation well.
I love this town, it's a small town country area and everyone comes together we travesty happens. We recently had a flood and the way the community reacted was a blessing to those who were effected buy it. Overall Wharton, TX is a great town to live in. and I am probably going to be here the rest of my life.
Not much crime happens in our area, but when something does happen, the whole squad goes to take a look.
I love my small town because everything is familiar and everybody knows everybody.
It is home for me. My family is here. Small town but close to the city. Very safe and guiet.
I love the small town area but I am ready to live in a large town. I have grown to prepare myself for life.
I would stay here all over again, because I was born and raised down here and would love to stay here. In the future I see this county having more fun activities and better academics.
Our biggest and greatest local event is the Freedom Fest in Downtown Wharton County, also known as the "Square" to local residents. We have a live concert, food booths, game booths, and have a little play area for little kids where they get to play and ride rides. Our attractions are our high school sports. We have an outstanding football, basketball, and track program. So when someone finds out there is either a basketball game, football game, or track meet, people are coming all the way from Austin to see the teams play or run.
Crime and safety isn't a problem at all. There has never been a problem with crime in my neighborhood. Safety is at a high risk in my town. When I see the police, it's only when they're riding around or parked in a driveway to make sure residents are going the speed limit during a school zone.
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The four seasons are great. It never effects my life or my wardrobe. Bad weather and natural disasters rarely occur here as is in a lot of other areas.
Here too afraid to go out. Rivalry with another city affects this community for mingling together. The restaurants here are limited. want to get a good food you will have to travel.
Employment here is rare. You have the ones that have been in there position for a long time and there's no opportunity to advance. So seeking employment outside hometown is a must to advance in your career
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