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Weymouth is a proud city. Lots of blue-collar workers but also many small businesses and a few big shots. Lots of income stratification. Weymouth is where I've grown my whole life and while I've never felt unsafe around town, I also feel like I never grew up in a snobbish bubble that would skew my perception of the world around me. Weymouth is a family town first and foremost.
Weymouth is a nice suburb of Boston. There are three commuter rail stops in town that make public transportation to Boston fast and easy.
Weymouth is a typical Massachusetts suburban town. It has a bad reputation among the South Shore, but the community is great. Location is perfect, right near the beach as well as Boston.
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It's not huge, but the care of sidewalks and stuff is not the best. In addition, with the safety, a random stranger tried to get my Mom to get in his car when she was on a walk. Only reason he probably wasn't more aggressive was the fact that they were both in a public place near a Dunkin Donuts.
I lived really close to the teen center so as a middle and high school student it was pretty fun to go. The mall is moderately close too. Its also very nice to have easy access to the trains to go into the city.
Weymouth is the only town I have ever lived in! It is unique in that there is a huge sense of community and development. It is close to Boston yet far enough away that you are not bothered by a city life. We are also close to Cape Cod which is a beautiful getaway for locals as well as tourists. I love living in Weymouth and would highly consider raising a family here.
Weymouth is generally nice and quiet. However, it does have some minor issues surrounding safety and walkability. Depending upon the localized area in which you live, these issues with limited sidewalks, few bike lanes, and generally poor driving can either be minor or major parts of your overall living experience.
The Public Transportation is okay, but a bit slow. The bus routes don't make the most sense a bit of the time. Instead of being constant they only seem to go the way you want them to during the times you don't need them to be going that way.
This review is mostly of North Weymouth where I made the mistake of buying... that said, as a whole it's a trash neighborhood... The town is run very poorly. It's full of false promises that they're going to "fix up the town"... I lived there over a decade, and the only "fixing up" they did was taking down a graffiti covered billboard. The blight laws are a joke, and a never enforced (e.g. there's a boarded up gas station that's been there for years w/a rotting, falling over fence and the town's done nothing to see the property improved upon). The litter problem along 3A is absurd. The town employees act like you're bothering them when you interact with them. The housing's overpriced (I s'pose most of the Boston area is, but still it's not like it's a "nice area"...) The residents of N. Weymouth are low class on a good day (I've found used needles in the bushes of my front/side lawn)... Overall, just avoid the ever loving hell out of the town of Weymouth. It's a cesspool.
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Close to Boston, close to public transportation, low taxes, tons of great places to eat, good grocery and shopping options, good schools so long as you you are a good parent and involved, excellent hospital and the people in general are nice with a working class vibe. Lots of former Dorchester and Southie folks which is good and bad....lots of scumbags, junkies, drunks and lots of nice hard working folks as well. The town was a lot nicer before Dorchester and Southie folks moved into Weymouth and the South Shore surrounding towns back in the 70’s and 80’s like rats leaving a sinking ship but it is what it is. Overall a nice place to live if u can afford a home in the $400,000 plus range. Local apt complexes vary in quality with a lot of weed/cigarette smokers and welfare recipients. Be super careful if you rent and go your research. I am brutally honest so if anyone is offended.....get over it. Overall I like living here.
It’s put down a lot more than it deserves. It has its occasional crime in the lake street area and other places, but some neighborhoods are nice. I feel safe walking around in my neighborhood , and I live in walking distance to a lot of stuff which is good for me since I can’t drive yet. The schools are messed up, but they try their best. Well the middle school is bad. Kids can seem cliquey but those are just the popular kids, there are some good people when you get down to it. Close to a lot of things and overall a good town .
As a transplant to Weymouth 20 years ago, I find this city has pros and cons. The affordability of homes and proximity to Boston were what attracted us to the town. Over the years we met some great families through our kids growing up. The amenities are great and our kids can walk to coffee shops and stores. However, the city is really big and I wish the schools had a better reputation. Overall, a nice place to raise kids but it has been difficult to become part of a group of friends since we did not grow up here.
This town is insular-can’t break into cliques even when you join their clubs.Didn't go to school with them?- forget making friends.Commute to Boston by car is a nightmare- can't drive home on Friday due to Cape Cod traffic.Limited public transit is available-overcrowded at rush hour, useless for late night returns from Boston.Few if any good restaurants in the town, go to Quincy or Hingham if you want something other than mediocre pizza. Some neighbors move to another town when their kids reach school age, others opt for private (Catholic) school.Quality live music venues or theater? No.One cinema. No wonder this town has a long history of illegal drug use.Why am I here? Hubby’s boat. A redeeming feature of Weymouth-water proximity,more reasonable price than neighboring Hingham for example. Some recent developments offer hope - beer brewers have begun opening taprooms in older industrial spaces, and young, newer residents are becoming politically active and winning elections.
Lived here my whole life what a great town! The schools are great and I hope to return to teach at them one day!
Weymouth is very rich in history, and it's citizens are very proud to live here. The large town seems smaller than it actually is due to the network amongst Weymouth's residents. There are some excellent youth sports programs for the kids, as well as a wonderful public schools system.
Convenient to both Boston and South Shore/Cape, parks, shopping, restaurants. Neighbors are friendly.
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Great place to live. Quite town, a little sleepy at times, but best bang for your buck realestate wise.
Weymouth has a great community of people. The town has recently added new fields and playgrounds which are super nice. The elementary school system is great but some of the buildings are a little bit older. Overall, it is a great town.
Great place for families, away from city. Quiet, convenient close to bus stops that go straight into the city.
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