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It's a great place for families and it is so close to everything that you could ever need. The fact that it's basically equidistant from Boston and New York City is also a plus.
Great historic town to live in. Many site seeing opportunities. Great school system. Numerous activities nearby for kids. Large town and sometimes not so easy to get to highways. High tax rate is another downfall to living in Wethersfield.
I loved the people I grew up in Wethersfield. I would say to not make the town any bigger because it is perfect the way it is. I also would want restaurants to be open longer so younger citizens can have fun with their friends if they want to go out at night. Wethersfield is a very safe community and I would recommend new families living here because you will get a great experience and opportunity to live in Wethersfield.
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Wethersfield is a great small town with lots of interesting history. Wethersfield has a great school system and makes students feel welcome. There are many fun events in the community that connect families and promote healthy habits such as exercising, eating healthy, and being kind.
Peaceful, yet features a lot of entertainment and food options close by. The town does suffer from poor roads, lose in population, and high taxes. Schools are good. Town is safe. Wethersfield is very close to a lot of great places for food and entertainment, and is only a short commute from Hartford and other larger cities in the area.
While Wethersfield is a safe town and close to major highways, the night life and community are no good. There is little diversity and little to no acceptance of ethnic people. Very anti-LGBT and too conservative/Pro-Trump for my liking. I'm only here because I could not afford a safe apartment in Hartford.
Wethersfield is a quiet and relaxing town. I've lived here for 8 years and I plan on staying long term. Great school system and lots of job opportunities.
I love that it is a family friendly town and that it is easy to navigate. I wish that wethersfield would fix more road within the town.
Wethersfield is a quaint, charming little town just outside of Hartford. It has a wonderful school system and is a safe environment to live in.
Small town, but lacks much diversity. The high school currently only has one african american teacher, and stop funding to it's only social justice program.
People are really friendly! Schools are great! Shopping center close by! Park for pets! Also are park for kids with disability ‘s called Mikey’s place!! Old Wethersfield has its unique historical places
I enjoy the location, as well as the local shops and stories, available around my area. I also enjoy how close we are to other towns and cities .
I think it's a great town to live in and raise a family in. I had a great childhood here and it's great to see people of all ages funding a home here.
Great place to live! Central location close to all major highways, eateries, and the city. Hartford is less than two miles away. It is great to be near everything, yet have the comfort and safety of living in the Suburbs. The School system is amazing and my kids love the High School. The best decision I have made was to move to Wethersfield.
It is a wonderful town, there is a section of the town called Old Wethersfield. It is great for walking around the green and getting some yummy food. One of my favorite places is called the Heirloom Market. Wethersfield is close to shopping areas and a very convenient place to live.
My family and I just recently moved to Wethersfield, although we were previously in a very close suburban town. We have located in Old Wethersfield and are walking distance from our favorite pizza place. The atmosphere is great, our neighbors have been awesome, and we all very much enjoy living here.
I used to live in Hartford and I hated it there it just never felt like a home most likely because it was in an unsafe are. Moving to Wethersfield just allowed my family to feel safe and secure which makes it so much easier just to enjoy everything and the town is very supportive of anyone who lives in the area.
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Wethersfield is a town that ranges from average business and shopping centers to a quaint historical part of town that makes it feel like a community. It is diverse and family oriented with parks and many sidewalks for biking or walking. Wethersfield also has a beautiful and historical cove area; great for boating, fishing and many town events.
I love the Wethersfield school system.

One thing that I would like to see more of is diversity and acceptance of other races in Wethersfield.
I love wethersfield. there are many stores and restaurants to go to. also the school system is awesome
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