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Nice town for public school! Lacks any activities or town life as well as diversity and low-income opportunities.
One of the most up and coming towns in the state over the past decade. Westwood used to be a small town with not much to offer but has since invested into building large apartment complexes as well as many new restaurants and businesses, coupled with the revitalization of neighborhoods like Islington which gives the town a dense suburban feel.

Great public schools, short commute into the city with two train stations on two separate lines and situated near two major highways (I95 / I93).

Biggest drawback about Westwood is high taxes, and steep real estate prices for medium / large sized houses w/ decent lots. There are affordable neighborhoods but you won't get much for your money.
It's a really nice town with some really nice people. Although there isn't an above average town center, Westwood hosts the shopping plaza, University Station which has a lot of dining and shopping options. It's also relatively close to Legacy place as well. Westwood basically breeds student-athletes, equally emphasizing the importance of hard work and dedication in and out of school. The recreational and high school sports programs are superb. A very safe community that is very family friendly with great school systems. It is also not that far of a commute to Boston, about a 30 minute drive with no traffic, however their are several train stations conveniently located in the area.
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The neighborhoods are overrun by extremists who have the belief that if you chose to live in Westwood, you chose to live by their rules. They do not attend town meetings. Police think they are above the law and do not enforce the law if you are a friend of theirs.
Lived here my whole life!
Public schools are amazing.
The town center is small, but there is now University Station which has access to restaurants, shopping, healthcare, and other small businesses.
Westwood is a great town, it has a great public school system and the teachers are supportive of aloof their students. However, there is little to no diversity in Westwood. Growing up at African American in Westwood has led me to become lost as no one I knew looked like me.
Westwood is a peaceful neighborhood. My family and I recently moved here five years ago. I love the town, and community. One thing that could improve is the use of plastic. I think that you should have to pay to use a plastic bag at the supermarket. Just a suggestion. If you agree, please say so. It is a good idea to spread the word, so that more and more people can recognize this. Overall, I love my town very much!
Westwood is a small, quaint, Massachusetts town, located approximately 14 miles from the Boston city limit. The town has a quaint, yet urban feel due to the fact that it is so close to Boston! Many areas of Westwood are completely walkable to town amenities such as restaurants, small grocery stores and the post office. The residents of Westwood are extremely friendly. I love to walk my dog and frequently run into my neighbors, who are also walking their dogs, jogging, biking, or simply walking. The schools in Westwood are among the best in the state. Westwood is a fantastic town to live in!
Small, quiet town. Very good for kids in terms of education: good schooling, but it also a small town, so everyone is closer. There are still a number of restaurants and shops, but there is also the retail part of things at University Station, which is far enough away from the main part of town.
Great Town Outside the City. The town majority is Conservative which is great because you get hard working people who are educated. The teachers are 50/50 politically, and a great school system. Drinking during freshman year at Westwood High, but in reality so does it in every town.
Great small town with an easy commute to Boston. Public schools are very good as well. I enjoy living here very much. Westwood is a very safe community as well.
I wish I saw Westwood as perfectly as everyone else seems to. I know, it's an amazing place to grow up, but the Westwood Bubble (tm) has its downsides. Many kids grow up unaware of the wider world around them, unaware or insensitive to the needs of others, and their behavior reflects it. If you live in Westwood, I implore you, take a moment outside the Bubble and look at the world around you. It might feel uncomfortable to recognize how flawed the world is (and how flawed our education on that is), but we can't live our lives believing that the world is like Westwood.
Westwood has a good school system; it's nice, quiet but not a very diverse town. The people are generally fairly nice, and the town is pretty small, so it does not have many restaurants, but there are still a few places.
I grew up in Westwood and recently graduated from Westwood High School. I was accepted to several colleges including Northeastern University, Villanova University, and University of Massachusetts Amherst. The reason my parents chose to live in Westwood is due to the great public school system. There is a high demand for real estate in this town because of its location and school system. University Station opened for business within the last few years. It is a large shopping area located near the Rt. 95 Westwood Amtrak station. The one downside is the lack of sidewalks. Overall, it's a great place to live.
Since moving here, I have made friends and find everyone I interact with to be very friendly. While traffic can be touchy given the town has access to a major highway artery, otherwise, it is a very suburban town outside of Boston. The business district is distinctly separated from the rest of the town, which gives it a more bucolic feel.
Westwood has a great education system. The primary focus of extracurriculars is sports which wasn't that helpful for someone like myself who is part of the arts programs. That being said the arts program that we have is amazing nonetheless.
I've lived in Westwood all my life and I've always found it be very convenient because it's right outside of Boston and the train station is nearby in two locations. I also valued their schooling and it's a very friendly environment.
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The town of Westwood Massachusets is a small quaint suburb on the outskirts of Boston, around 40 minutes away. Westwood is home to many people who could be described as "urban sophisticates". Urban sophisticates are people who are both educated and wealthy, and thus tend to be older, richer, and more established than young professionals. Westwood is a good choice for families with children because of the town’s great public school district and overall crime rate is lower than average for the country. There is now The University Station, an outdoor mall, and also supports a lot of small businesses.
Very low for the area
extremely expensive in some cases but most people find it worth it
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