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Westwood is amazing! How is it so far down on this list? It’s so much better than 90% of the other higher ranked towns on this list. Small community feel, adorable downtown, tons of character and charm, mom and pop business, bus and train access, parks, community events, safe, and TRADER JOES. Many other cute towns near by and lots of shopping. Cheaper than most of the neighboring towns that have a cute downtown. My only issue is commute to the city is kind of long, but if it was shorter I doubt it would be as affordable. Oh and nothing in Bergen County is open Sundays and that’s very irritating.
Westwood is a beautiful suburban area just outside New York City. With cool restaurants, cafes and parks, Westwood is a great place to raise a family.
Westwood has been a great town to grow up in. I have lived here for all of 25 years of my life and from being in the school system to just growing up on a quiet block, it has been a great town to live in.
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Great small town where you get to know a lot of people. Really safe, and get school system and good public transportation with a train station also in the town. Amazing downtown area with so many shops.
Great town with a family friendly downtown. The town has great restaurants including a wide variety of food options. Local store owners are personable and there are many different types of stores, although there is a predominance of bagel and dry cleaning establishments.
Westwood is such a nice family town! It has a movie theater, and many restaurants and shops. I grew up in Westwood and now live in the town nextdoor but still love going for dinner and a movie My only complaint is never enough parking.
Westwood was a great town to live in. I've lived many places and this was my favorite. The town has lot of shops and restaurants. It is filled with nature and it is a clean town. People are friendly and it is not over populated.
I have only been living here for a few months but I love it. There are so many amazing restaurants for every meal.
I like all of the different restaurants. There is anything and everything from chinese to pizza to a farmhouse cafe, to a fondue place, and to a crepes place. Whatever you are in the mood for there is a great restaurant for it in westwood. I also like that people walk the streets of the town and hang out there. The train station is convenient and so is the bus stop.
My experience in Westwood is that it is a small, quaint town. with limited diversity. At first when I first moved to Westwood which was 27 years ago, I thought that it was a segregated town. The reason that I had this perception was due to the fact that one particular race lived on one side of the town, and another race resided on the other side of town. Over the past 8 years the town of Westwood are starting to be a little more integrated which in return gave me a sense of relief. I still would like to see more diversity in our beautiful town, and more unity .
Westwood is a great town for families, couples, and others alike. The town is very populated with tons of diverse restaurants, attractions, and activities. further more there are tons of parks fields and other areas where local sports are happening all the time, you can almost always catch a game somewhere, great community with great people.
The downtown area is beautiful. Lots to do including places to eat, shop, and see a movie. The schools are great and the law enforcement is very responsive.
I feel very safe in this community, there is not a single place I don't feel safe going
The people within the community are very nice and it is a very welcoming area.
Have never heard of anything
Great downtown, nice people - Essentially the same as ridgewood at a much lower tax basis
Westwood is a very safe town and I've never felt unsafe walking at night.
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Westwood has a very comfortable downtown that feels like the hub of the town. I've lived here all of my life and I love the town overall for its calm and close-knit atmosphere.
This is a very nice area. It's not as ritzy as some nearby towns, but the cost of living is lower. There's still tons of stuff in walking distance, and it's close enough to the retail heartland of Bergen County that almost anything you can imagine is within a reasonable distance.
This isn't a tourist area. Most people who are here live here. There are a decent number of hotels, but they cater to people visiting for work purposes. Although the area is mainly suburban, it is densely populated enough that there are some large and medium sized companies headquartered in and near the area.
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